Volcom Damn Am & Holy Stokes! Premiere

Volcom Damn Am Best Trick Recap

This past weekend at the Volcom Headquarters in Costa Mesa, California, Volcom held the annual Damn Am and Best Trick competition at their private skatepark. Best trick took place Friday evening with Volcom deciding to challenge everyone with a deadly shootout rail off the 7 stair. With roughly 30 skaters battling to hit the rail and the hubba’s at one time, board and bodies were flying everywhere. Right off the bat it was easy to see who would be in the top 5 with the tricks they were throwing down. Danny Gordon came in hot at 5th place with a hang 10 backside tailslide bigspin down the hubba, John Oskvarek got 4th with a board slide frontside flip out on the shoot out rail. The top three spots were taken by Robert Neal with a crook nollie flip on the shoot rail securing him 3rd, Brodie Penrod got 2nd with crook nollie tre on the rail and Maurice Jordan landed the top spot with a switch front blunt shuv on the shoot out rail making him the Damn Am Best trick winner for 2016.

Danny Gordon Hang 10 Backside tailslide bigspin

Danny Gordon Hang 10 Backside tailslide bigspin Photo: Bart Jones

Robert Neal crook nollie flip

Robert Neal crook nollie flip Photo: Bart Jones

Brodie Penrod crook nollie tre

Brodie Penrod Crook nollie tre Photo: Bart Jones

Maurice Jordan switch front blunt shuv

Maurice Jordan switch front blunt shuv Photo: Bart Jones

Maurice Jordan 1st place best trick

Maurice Jordan takes home first place at the Damn Am best trick photo: Bart Jones

Following the awards for the Damn Am best trick, Volcom had a showing of their latest feature film Holy Stokes! Shot in dozens of location around the world, the entire Volcom skate team including Socal Skateshop’s own Cj Collins put together an incredible skate video, filmed in Cinema 4k and directed by Russell Houghten. This was Volcom’s first film in 9 years and they definitely did not disappoint. Well done Volcom!

Holy stokes! video premiere

Holy Stokes! video Photo: Bart Jones

Holy stokes! best trick and damn am competition

Holy Stokes! is available on iTunes, Amazon, Googleplay, Xbox, and Vimeo onDemand.

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