Vans Am-Tec Combi Contest Results

Congrats to SCS team riders Tristan Rennie and Trey Wood for their 3rd and 5th place finishes on Saturday at the Vans Am-Tec Combi Contest. The level of skating has grown leaps and bounds just from last year. Thanks to Vans and all the sponsors that put on this amazing event.

Tristan Rennie

Trey Wood

Photos by Naka

Over 16
1 Austin Poynter
2 Al Brunelle
3 Austin Gordon
4 Cason Kirk
5 Aidan Dansey
6 Adrian Fernandez
7 Greyson Fletcher
8 Ronnie O’Neil
9 Frank Schaffroth
10 Beaver Flemming

Under 16
1. Alex Sorgente
2. Cory Juneau
3. Tristan Rennie
4. Morgan Wolf
5. Trey Wood
6. Heimana Reynolds
7. Clay Kreiner
8. Kaden Campbell
9. Archer Braun
10. Justin Rivera
11. Evan Berle

Raw video by Bill (Shakey Hands) Rennie