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I just added a cool new feature to the site that lists all the skateparks by county and also gives some snapshot information about the skateparks. Hopefully it will help you get a better picture of what SoCal has to offer. I plan to add more detailed info some time soon. For instance it will specify if the skatepark is street, transition, crete, or prefab. Check it out and tell me what you think.Southern California Skateboard Parks By County

Posted on 17 Apr 2004 by Mike Hirsch

Brian Patch - Go To The Glendale Skatepark Grand Opening Article
fThe Glendale Verdugo Skatepark Takes Over as the best Vert Skatepark in SoCal!

Brian Patch – Glendale Verdugo Skatepark 





30% chance of rain = Rain = Events Blown Out – sort of. Rain blew out the Etnies Spring Break Classic today but did not impact the Glendale Verdugo SkateparkGrand Opening. The new skatepark should stoke every skateboarder out there that has been aching for an Oregonesque skatepark here in SoCal. Well now we have one – so go out and get some. The skatepark is open from 10am to 10pm.The Etnies Spring Break Classic will be re-scheduled so once we know the details we will pass them on.
Posted on 17 Apr 2004 by Mike Hirsch
Glendale Skatepark Grand Opening

Go to the Glendale Skatepark PageGlendale Skatepark Grand Opening
Written By: Louie Baur – Skateboarding Magazine

Today I headed up with Mike Hirsch from So Cal Skateparks to check out opening day of the Glendale Skatepark. I had two goals to accomplish today, one was to check out the work of my friends Mike McIntyre, Colby Carter and Eric Lee of Site Design Group and the second was to meet with Wil from Billy’s Boardshop.Anyhow Mike made it to my house just before 9am and the weather was terrible! Rain, Rain and more Rain!
We cruised up 5 freeway and around Dodger Stadium it was down pouring so the chance of a session was out the window. Oh well we figured we could snap a few pics of the park and call it a day. After a few traffic accidents and every moron in the world out rain driving we arrived at the Glendale Skatepark just after 10am.The place was soaked, the umbrellas where out and it was blown out. Etnies was also having a contest today and that to got cancelled I later found out. Well we got in the park and got some pics, saw some friends like Salman Agah and Dave Metty and then Mike McIntyre walks up.I got my cameo pics with him and we walked through the park checking out what was built and why. Apparently the park was to be alot smaller but late one night Mike and Eric Lee started reworking the park and making some parts a little steeper and then they resubmitted it to the city. It got approved and I am glad it did because this park is the shit!

Brian Patch
Mad Dog
Mike Hirsch
Brian Patch
Brian Patch
Brian Patch
Brian Patch
Brian Patch

The skatepark is long on vert and short on street. It looks like Site Design Group’s build team have finally brought to SoCal a very much welcomed Oregon style skatepark.The skatepark is relatively small at 15,000 sq ft but packs a mean punch. Be thankful that the city of Glendale knew what they were doing when they put their skatepark went out to bid and hired the Site Design Group to design and build their new skateboard park. Here are the details provided by Ben Schroeder.
10′ DEEPEND 8’Transition 2’Vert
6′ SHALLOWEND 6’Transition TO Vert
40′ WIDE 9’TALL 8’Transition 1’Vert REAL COPING
9′ SQUARE BOWL 8’Transition 1’Vert STEAL PIPE

We got carried away in talking about how bitchen the park was and then we noticed something, it stopped raining and the park staff had the blowers out and the place was starting to dry up so we decided to wait and see if we were going to get lucky and have a chance to roll around this beauty. Sure enough about a half hour later it dried up and they started letting people in. Of course I shoved my way up to the front of the gate shouting Press Photographer coming through and was one of the first ones in the park. This place is great, a little street course on one end of the park, pool coping on every bowl and wall imaginable, a great snake run with an over vert pocket a big bowl with a 11′ Oververt Bowl and a good Right Hand Kidney which by the way has a deathbox with the SITE logo in it which I thought was a nice touch.

After skating for an hour or so I figured it was time to get out the camera and start getting some but I was lacking on subject matter and just about that time in walks Brian Patch and Dave Duncan. Damn it was on now! I would have the pleasure of seeing how this park can be skated properly. I got some good pics of Patch doing Liens, and backsides over the hip in the clover and then he started chucking Front Lips off the huge loveseat at the end of the snake run.Straight up that guy killed it. Dave Duncan started rolling around and for a 41 year old dude with a fake hip he was slashing everything in sight. Mad Dog also showed up and in typical asshole Mad Dog fashion and he proceeded to drop in and snake everybody. He was also killing it and landed a nice tailslide in the bowl at the end of the snake run as a smiths and 50-50’s on the pool coping in the big bowl. Well thats it another good park build by Site Design Group in California and hopefully alot more on the way!!

Posted on 18 Apr 2004 by Mike Hirsch
Some SoCal Skatepark News
Glendale Verdugo
View Glendale Verdugo Skatepark Photo Gallery
Benji Galloway

– The new Glendale Verdugo Skatepark is the bomb. The new park is being sessioned heavily since it opened last Saturday. You can check out a photo gallery ,featuring some killer Jaydubz sequences, of some of the action on the skatepark home page or by clicking on the photo of Benji Galloway. Big thanks to the Site Design Group Design and Build team for giving the vert skaters in SoCal what they have been wanting for a very long time.
LRM Design designed a new skatepark that will be opening in June and is located in Jurupa located in Riverside County.
– The Site Design Group Build Division is currently working on the Encinitas Skatepark which should be completed sometime this summer.
– Check the Future Skatepark Section of the site for the details about the new skateparks we are tracking here in SoCal.
– I received this info regarding the Westminster Skatepark “The slick cement is gone!! Sandblasted away and the park runs faster than ever…definitely half a wheel bump up for this park.”
– You can check out the lowdown regarding the San Diego Memorial Skatepark keyhole over in the Tracker Trucks News Section.
– The Oxnard Skatepark is coming along nicely and should be ready to skate in May. You can check out the latest construction pictures in our photo gallery.
Other News
– Don’t forget this coming Saturday, the Emerica team will be having their premeire of their new Kids In Emerica DVD. For more info check out our Press Release Section.
– The Cab “Chinese Dragon” deck is stilling sitting in a box in my garage waiting to be claimed. The first random winner was never heard from so I selected another random winner. This time it was Leo “Phelix” Ambrose. He has 3 days to respond or else I am just going to keep the deck – just kidding. This is the first time I could not get a hold of the original winner so I am stunned. If I do not here from Phelix by Saturday someone else will get a shot.

SoCalSkateShop News
– Just added RocknRons Ceramic Bearings, Zero Skateboards, Flip Skateboards, Baker Skateboards, and some new Girl Skateboards to the skateshop.

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Posted on 21 Apr 2004 by Mike Hirsch
Chinese Delam-O-Rama
Chinese Delam-O-Rama

Story Provided By: Jim GraySo here is how the story goes. The story is fact, not fiction.A local skater is friends with a local pro who happens to ride for the Primary Corporate Globalization Comglomerate proudly producing their boards in supposedly the highest quality, highest technology plant known to man kind. In one fell swoop, they built a better factory in China than all the factories in America combined!!!? They even have their employees live at the plant to assure that the quality of their life is great and the quality of their boards are unmatched. I know I can’t and don’t want to match quality like this!The story continues as the local pro gives the local skater a board, because he gets them for free and sharing the quality with other skaters is just as important a part of being a pro as sharing the factory with the employees as a place to live is for the company. The local skater happily puts the board together in 15 minutes. The board lasts for 20 minutes before delaminating all the way down the side rail, then across the nose and all the way around the nose. It’s a really good one that even changes from one ply to the other as it makes it’s way around the nose.Then, after closer inspection, I see where it is also beginning to delaminate near the tail as well. The local skater, not so impressed as he was when first hearing about this new amazing China technology, and friends with employees at Abc, brings us the board to check out. We here at ABC, so willing to share the love, pass along the story to friends and foes worldwide.Our advice to our corporate competitors. You can cut corners on labor, and you might get away with it, but you can’t cut corners on glue!!!I hope you enjoyed this little story, and I hope it added a smile to your day, like it did to mine. And for anyone who doesn’t believe the story, this deck is sitting in my office and you can come by and take a look at it anytime. I sure hope there are 10,000 more just like it!Jim Gray
Abc Board Supply
1977 Placentia Ave
Costa Mesa, CA 92627
(949)722-1800 Phone
(949)722-9236 Fax

Posted on 23 Apr 2004 by Mike Hirsch
Juice Magazine – News From The Front Lines April 2004
Juice Magazine – News From The Front Lines April 2004

Juice Magazine
2633 Lincoln Blvd. #411
Santa Monica, CA 90405
ph 310-399-5336
BALLARD BOWL BENEFIT – Saturday, May 15th (the 2 year anniversary of the Ballard Bowl) – 12:30pm march from Seattle’s Seask8 Park to City Hall thru downtown along 5th Ave. We will have 2 lanes of 5th ave and a police escort, so be nice and respectful of the pedestrians and the businesses. You can street skate your hearts’ content out AFTER the march. Guest speakers and then announcement of a very special free all-ages show at the Funhouse (formerly Zak’s by the Space Needle) from 3-6ish. Prizes, raffles and good times for all. Then later on at the Sunset Tavern in beautiful Ballard… MUDHONEY, THE SPITS, TYCO PARTY, THE FAKIES – Benefit show… Please spread the word as this is the first of it’s type and we want the world to know we are here and consolidated as one. Everyone is welcome to attend. For more info go to and

OSSS#1 Olliewood Saturday April 17th…. Saturday April 17th will the the first OSSS contest of the year. Hosted by Alan “Ollie” Gelfand at his Olliewood bowl. Come on out and skate. 30-39 Masters, 40 and over Grand Masters. Trophies 1st-5th place. Contact Steve Marinak for details at

1st ANNUAL AUTUMN BOWL CONTEST BENEFIT FOR THE BOWL – Saturday April 17th 2004 – 2:00 registration – Under 18, over18, Sponsored and over 35 divisions. Two forty five minute runs best run of the two will count. First trick rebate in effect. Best trick for cash prize. Party following. $5 Spectator Fee $15 to enter. 73 west Street between Milton and Greenpoint Brooklyn NY. For more info call 212-677-6220 or go to

BICKNELL BLITZ CHALLENGE – Thursday, April 22, 2004 at BICKNELL HILL- VENICE BEACH,CALIFORNIA SUPER FAST SUPER TIGHT. The race will be hosted by ATTILA ASZODI. Sponsors include MIKE TEELE and SKATEBOARDPIMP.COM. Mike is generously contributing one of his own designed old school decks, the “BIG PIMP”, which features exquisite graphics by legend WES HUMPSTON. This is the only Deck Wes is currently doing graphics for, outside of Bulldog – the board is signed by Wed and numbered- it is only one of 100 made. BAHNE SKATEBOARDS / JACK SMITH and DAN GESMER – SEISMIC/3DM, PLEASURE TOOLS BEARINGS, FIBREFLEX SKATEBOARDS, SKATERBUILT SKATES, POCKET PISTOLS SKATES / MANX WHEELS, SK8TR SKATESHOP, JUICE MAGAZINE, Z-CULT SKATEBOARDS- JESSE MARTINEZ, and GREED CLOTHING will also be sponsoring the race.

This one is critical….. Please sign the petition at

GRINDLINE SKATEPARK OPENINGS – We’ve got two skateparks right outside of Seattle with grand openings scheduled around the upcoming Slam City Jam in Vancouver. One is the Saturday before the SCJ weekend, the other is the following Saturday. These are laid-back, mellow affairs with minimal rules and hassle. Get your skate on in some fun new parks. For more go to

The new trailer for “WHOCARES The Duane Peters Story” is up on the Black Label site.

THE DAMN AM SERIES 2004 – June 4-6, 2004 – 3rd Lair Skatepark – Minneapolis, Minnesota – and October 21-24, 2004 – Volcom Warehouse Costa Mesa, California – Visit for all the details

PRESS RELEASE – VANS WARPED TOUR 10TH ANNIVERSARY KICK-OFF PARTY CONFIRMED FOR WEDNESDAY, MAY 19 AT HOUSE OF BLUES SUNSET STRIP; TAKING BACK SUNDAY HEADLINE WITH SPECIAL GUESTS TBA; Tickets are $15.00 (plus applicable facility fees and service charges) and go on sale Saturday, April 10 at 10:00 AM Pacific Time. Tickets are available through Ticketmaster charge-by-phone lines, at all Ticketmaster outlets or via This summer’s VANS WARPED TOUR kicks off kicks off June 25 in Houston and features bands including: Bad Religion, Good Charlotte, NOFX, Thursday, New Found Glory, Simple Plan, The Vandals, Taking Back Sunday, Lars Frederickson & the Bastards, Story Of The Year, International Noise Conspiracy, Coheed and Cambria, Bouncing Souls, Flogging Molly, Atmosphere, Anti-Flag, Rise Against, The Casualties and Yellowcard. The tour wraps August 19 in Boston and will be followed by a special 10th Anniversary show August 20 featuring an all-star line-up of artists from the tour’s 10-year history. Stay tuned for more information and check out The Vans Warped Tour is made possible through the support of Vans, Fuse, PlayStation ® 2, Yoo-hoo Chocolate Drink, Wrigley Winterfresh, AOL, Hot Topic, truth, Monster Energy and Hansen’s Sodas, Alternative Press and SPIN magazine.

PRESS RELEASE – SANTA CRUZ SKATEBOARDS – SANTA CRUZ, CA – Veterans Division – KNOX AND DRESSEN BACK ON SANTA CRUZ Santa Cruz is proud to announce: Tom Knox and Eric Dressen have both joined the Santa Cruz team- again!. Tom and Eric will be heading up the Veterans Division of Santa Cruz. Veterans Division decks are wider, directional shapes available in both PowerPly and PowerLyte constructions. Tom and Eric’s first boards are ranging from 8.75″ to 9″ in width. Their PowerLyte (Santa Cruz fiber-reinforced construction) models feature their Original Firepit and Roses graphics from 1988. Check out current Tom and Eric footage on the Strange Notes Summer 2004 DVD that will be playing in skatehops May 1st. It’s very evident that even though both of them have moved on to careers outside of professional skateboarding, their love and passion for skating have never waned. Models will include “Dressen Roses”, “Dressen New”, “Knox Firepit”, “Knox New” OUT MAY 1ST 2004. For more go to or

EMERICA PRESS RELEASE – Come join the chaos on Saturday, April 24 as the Emerica and Pharmacy Boardshop teams, as well as a veritable “who’s who” of skateboarding’s rising stars and legendary luminaries alike, all converge on the high desert for the World Premiere of the new Emerica DVD, Kids in Emerica…. For more info, visit

X GAMES PRESS RELEASE – Celebrating its 10th anniversary this year, X Games X will be held August 5-8, 2004 in Los Angeles with live coverage on ESPN and ABC Sports. ESPN, The Worldwide Leader in Action Sports, first developed its X Games franchise in 1995. As part of the ESPN Original Entertainment division, X Games, Winter X Games, EXPN 2Day and X Games Global Championship are just some of the original action sports programming currently shown on ESPN and ESPN2. The brand has also grown to include international X Games events,, EXPN Radio, the large format film ESPN’s Ultimate X, X Games skateparks and various X Games-branded retail products.

Amateur Skateboarding Contest Series Kicks Off Saturday, May 15th at New Hampshire’s Rye Airfield — Mountain Dew is excited to announce the highly anticipated third annual Mountain Dew Free Flow Tour, kicking off Saturday, May 15th at New Hampshire’s Rye Airfield, New England’s premiere indoor skateboard park. A grassroots amateur skateboarding contest series, the Mountain Dew Free Flow Tour will bring jam-style contests to 13 top U.S. skateparks this summer. New for this year’s tour is the first-ever Free Flow finals event at California’s Encinitas YMCA Skatepark, bringing together all 39 winners from this year’s tour. World-renowned Mountain Dew Pros Shaun White, Rune Glifberg and Pat Channita will judge the event and choose the top team rider who will go with Mountain Dew to this year’s X Games in Los Angeles and practice with the pros on the competition street course. The 2004 Mountain Dew Free Flow Tour schedule includes the following dates and locations: 5/15 – Rye, NH Rye Airfield; 6/26 – Athens, GA Glowing Rock; 5/21 – Newport, RI Skater Island; 7/3 – Plano, TX Eisenberg; 5/28 – Philadelphia, PA Title 10; 7/10 – Denver, CO Skatepark of Denver; 6/5 – Moorestown, NJ Vans Skatepark; 7/17 – Phoenix, AZ – Phoenix Skatepark; 6/12 – Woodbridge, VA Vans Skatepark; 7/21 Milpitas, CA Vans Skatepark; 6/19 – Orlando, FL Vans Skatepark; 7/24 – Ontario, CA Vans Skatepark; 6/23 Clearwater, FL 688 Skatepark; 7/31 – Encinitas, CA Encinitas YMCA. Check out for additional Mountain Dew Free Flow Tour information.

PRESS RELEASE – Jesse and the “Life Rolls On” foundation are holding it’s annual concert/auction and celebrity golf charity event coming up soon. Coming into its sixth year, the Life Rolls On Foundation (LRO) continues to bring together sports stars, Hollywood celebrities, and community leaders for one ambitious goal – to cure paralysis. Now, due to phenomenal growth and new partnerships, LRO is proud to announce our first Night by the Ocean Dinner and Concert on July 25, 2004 at Malibu Inn Restaurant and Bar (Night By The Ocean). The 6th Annual Charity Golf Tournament will take place on the following day, July 26, 2004 at the Malibu Country Club (Golf Tournament) The mission of LRO is two-fold. We are dedicated to increasing awareness about spinal cord injuries (SCI) within youth culture via influential action sports athletes. LRO seeks to instill positive messages of inspiration and motivation. LRO also raises money to fund research for the treatment and cure of paralysis through recreational, educational, and developmental programs. You may submit your donation to: (Please make checks payable to the Life Rolls On Foundation) 2004 Summer Events c/o Life Rolls On Foundation 7770 Regents Road, #113-199 San Diego, CA 92122. You can also donate online at

PRESS RELEASE – ARTIVISM :: An exhibition of visual art projects by internationally acclaimed artists and emerging talents who work at the intersection of art, consciousness, and humanitarian activism presented by the Artivist Film Festival. – Exhibition opens Wednesday April 21, 6-9pm and runs April 22-28, 9am ñ 5pm daily… Exhibition located in the Festival Gallery, Egyptian Theater, 6712 Hollywood Blvd, LA. Ranging from internationally renown names to emerging talents, from painters to poster guerillas, from installation artists to explorer/photographers, the fourteen artists included in the ARTIVISM exhibition represent many facets of artivismís possibilities, but they all share that embrace and they dance with a passion. ARTIVISM features works by English painters/photographer/explorers Olly & Suzi; environmentalist and photographer Subhankar Banerjee; guerilla poster artist Robbie Conal; Basque installation artist Erlea Maneros, and New York-based culture jammer Ron English, photographer and activist Phil Borges, Angolan-born artist Nzuji De Magalhaes; painters Patrick M. Webb and Leigh McCloskey, photographers Chris Jordan, Raj Naik and Nicole Russell, and media artist/cultural activist John Carr. For more visit

BOWL JAM at ThreeSixteen Contest – Saturday, April 24th! – Wooden Waves Skate Park in Reading, PA. – ThreeSixteen Skate Contest #1 and old school Bowl Jam – GET THE WORD OUT TO THE BOWL RIPPERS…skaters judge themselves format. Thanks, Jon Crans – ThreeSixteen Skateboarding 11 Redwish Ave. Marmora, NJ. 08223 – 609-390-1500

For Immediate Release: The “OLLIE” – The trick that changed the face of skateboarding to be included in the latest edition of The Oxford English Dictionary…. “Oxford English Dictionary: The Definitive Record of the English Language – ollie, n. Also with capital initial. [The name of Alan “Ollie” Gelfand (b. 1963), U.S. skateboarder, who invented the jump in 1976.] In skateboarding: a jump executed by pressing the foot down on the tail of the board to rebound the deck off the ground. Also: a similar jump in snowboarding… ollie, v. intr. In skateboarding, snowboarding, etc.: to perform an ollie. On April 06, 2004 – Alan “Ollie” Gelfand was officially credited for his invention the “ollie”. A fundamental ‘no-handed aerial’ skateboard trick, and the basis for all advanced skateboard tricks – that results in the skateboard rising off the ground and following the riders feet, as if defying gravity. With the recognition of the Oxford English Dictionary, Gelfand reiterates, “I never realized how many people were affected by one little move an 80 pound kid from Hollywood, Florida made in 1976”. This honor comes at an opportune time as “Ollie” re-emerges as the inventor of the Ollie. Today, Alan lives in Hollywood, FL. and can often be found skating at his private bowl known as, “Olliewood”. Visit to find out more. Alan “Ollie” Gelfand is available for select personal appearances, endorsements and other opportunities through Slingshot is a New York City based management and consulting firm working within the brand-centric and image-conscious worlds of youth market & action sports; fashion, film & music and applied art & design. Slingshot Management & Consulting Inc. 630 West 246th Street #1530 New York City, NY 10471 ph – 718.432.9414 or visit

Congrats to the Conspiracy crew celebrating their 11th year in biz. Conspiracy has added new team riders – Gene Hare from Texas, now in SLC with Pennington. “Cowboy” is on there, too. They picked up 13 year young RACHMAN BAUMAN from PA on their trip out East. Conspiracy will be in N. Alabama for the Reunion Jam on the 24th. Boulder will have a contest at their park on the same weekend. Also another EZ7 ditch jam now that the weather is better too. Conspiracy’s 60mm 95A Red Alien Shot wheels will be out soon and WREX COOK is tearing up California as we speak… For details go to and

5BORO SKATEBOARDS RELEASES NEW TEAM VIDEO, “WORD OF MOUTH” New York, NY – 5boro Skateboards – arguably one of the hardest working, most dedicated companies in the skateboarding industry – is proud to announce the release of its new team video, Word of Mouth. Slated to hit shelves in early April, Word of Mouth features 5boro’s family-like crew of team riders including Aaron Suski, Charlie Wilkins, Dan Pensyl, Danny Falla, Brandon Westgate, Joe Tookmanian and commander-in-chief Steve Rodriguez. The 30-minute DVD also features a special flow team section with skating by rippers Pat Smith, Willy Akers and Luis Tolentino. From impromptu sessions on makeshift obstacles found only in the gritty streets of NYC, to skateparks, pools, bowls, ledges and handrails situated in the Big Apple and beyond, Word of Mouth has it covered. “Suski’s part is sick, and it’s a great follow up to his part in the Emerica video,” says 5boro founder and owner Steve Rodriguez. “Brandon Westgate’s section is his first video part ever and he kills it. It’s rad to see the younger guys on the team and the flow riders really stepping it up and skating at a level that makes you take notice.” Word of Mouth is 5boro’s fifth team video and it is an excellent example of what the independently owned-and-operated brand truly stands for – skateboarding without all the bullshit. “5boro’s all about the crew,” comments Rodriguez. “Word of Mouth provides a glimpse of who 5boro is and what we’re all about – skating together, pushing each other and just having fun.” Refreshingly void of ads and other random interludes that plague many of today’s videos, Word of Mouth features a continuous stream of top-notch skateboarding from start to finish. “I’m really psyched on the flow of the video, the way it never stops,” continues Rodriguez. “The first guy’s part is the last guy’s part and vice versa. It was really tough to film and edit, but Seamus [Deegan] did a great job.” As a special bonus, the Word of Mouth DVD also contains all four of 5boro’s previous releases including: Take 5 (1997), Fire It Up (1999), 5-2K (2000) and EZ-Pass Vacation (2002). Five full-length videos for the price of one – can’t beat it. The 5boro crew is constantly on the move, putting on demos virtually every weekend. So keep an eye out for them at your local skatepark, and pick up 5boro decks, apparel and Word of Mouth at a better skate shop near you. Find out more at

LONG BEACH GRAND PRIX PARTY BUS – The World’s Fastest Beach Party roars into Long Beach, CA with the 30th running of the Toyota Grand Prix of Long Beach April 17. This is one of Southern California’s largest outdoor sporting events and our associates at are putting together a Party Bus. The bus will depart from the South Bay on Saturday morning (April 17) and return that evening. For more information, and for visit PubClub’s Long Beach GP Party Bus web site at

THE ALL GIRL SKATE JAM International Girls World Championship of Skateboarding will take place on July 3, 2004 in San Francisco, Ca. at Pier 30-32.

PRESS RELEASE – APR 24, 2004 Alabama Old School Skateboard Reunion at Insanity Skatepark – Madison, Alabama – A time to return to our skating roots… have fun, see old friends, session heavily, see skaters that you have not seen in years and share stories, old and new, and find out what’s been happening with everyone. Promotional drawings will be going on throughout the day showcasing our sponsors’ products and support of this event. Jason Thrasher will be presenting his Underskatement film festival, which has been shown all around the U.S., at the after-party featuring Pizza and good times at Big Ed’s Pizza — a great time to show off wounds from the day’s sessions, and to look over video and photographs taken throughout the day’s activities…. Sponsors Include: Beer City — Conspiracy — Factory 13 — Gullwing — Independent – Nike — Santa Cruz — Vision Street Wear — Zero… Check out for details.

The O’Franken Factor program on the new “Air America Radio” airs noon-3pm EST Monday-Friday. You can tune it in here: New York – WLIB 1190 AM, Los Angeles – KBLA 1580 AM, Chicago – WNTD 950 AM, Portland, OR- KPOJ 1620 AM, Inland Empire, CA- KCAA 1050 AM, XM Satellite Radio – Channel 167 or go here to get it on line:

PRESS RELEASE – Jack Johnson Rocks The Rock – Upcoming Jack Johnson Concert Documentary Highlights – Surf, Rock and Recycling. Ira Opper Films and action sports network FUEL are co-producing an exciting new surf-lifestyle film featuring Jack Johnson’s sellout Kokua Festival last January. The documentary “Kokua” which features music and surfing by Johnson and Kelly Slater, is slated to premiere Memorial Day Weekend on FUEL – On January 3rd, 2004, renowned surfer-filmmaker musician Jack Johnson hosted the first annual Kokua Festival before a cheering sold-out crowd of 8,000 at the Blaisdell Center in downtown Honolulu. The Kokua (the Hawaiian word for “help”) Festival was Johnson’s way of raising money to raise awareness about Hawaii’s threatened island environment through grade-school education that teaches recycling, organic gardening, alternative energy and an array of sustainable earth-friendly practices. For Jack, who grew up surfing the beautiful powerful waves of Oahu’s North Shore, the Kokua Festival was a way to have fun while giving back to his island home. Oahu, a small island that measures only 30 by 40 miles long, is dealing with a tsunami of trash. With Oahu landfills scarce and near filled to capacity, the need for a massive recycling effort is critical. “The world is a finite place, especially when you take it down to an island,” says Johnson who penned two platinum albums, “Brushfire Fairytales” and “On and On” and also directed the groundbreaking surf film “Thicker than Water”. “Through the Kokua Hawaii Foundation kids can now in a fun way learn that recycling is their responsibility and just as much as putting trash in a trashcan.” Ira Opper Films, creators of the acclaimed Surfer’s Journal surfing documentaries, filmed the 5-hour concert that featured an all-star lineup of DJ Logic, Makana, Willie K., Amy Hanaiali, I Gilliom, Michael Franti and Spearhead. The documentary, which follows Jack through a day on the famed “Seven-Mile Miracle” of surfing (including a segment of he and his friend Kelly Slater surfing second-reef Pipeline), carries a strong environmental message. “Given the opportunity to work with Jack and to bring such an important and often forgotten message to our audience, we were immediately interested in co-producing this one-hour special to air on FUEL,” said CJ Olivares, FUEL’s VP of Programming and Marketing, in support of the project.” For more information on the Kokua Foundation see: and For more information on FUEL or scheduling information visit

PRESS RELEASE – SOMEONE CALL THE WHAMBULANCE! Fountain Valley, CA (411 Productions) At 411, we’ve spent over ten years filming, editing, and living skateboarding. Looking back, it has become overtly apparent that skateboarders are easily some of the most determined people in the world. The incredible amount of effort, fortitude, and endurance it takes to be a skateboarder is flat out silly. Yeah skateboarding is incredibly hard to do, it’s hard to find places you are free to skate, and it’s nearly impossible to make a living being a skateboarder, but aside from all of that, there’s one resounding black cloud hanging over every skateboarder’s head – the slam. It’s a part of progression, a rite of passage, and it hurts really bad. For better or worse, no skateboarder can avoid it. In celebration of skateboarding’s most painful instance, 411 has dug deep into a decade’s worth of tapes to bring together the best of the worst – the slams that define the joy and pain that is skateboarding. Thanks to the creativity of the edit staff and the commentary genius of Tim O’Connor, 911 is just as hilarious as it is painful! Featuring interviews with Laban Pheidias, Stacy Lowery, and Brian Schaefer, 911 gives an insider’s perspective of some of skateboarding’s all time gnarliest slams ever caught on film. – 411 Productions presents 911 in stores May 18th, 2004! Visit 411 on the web at

PRESS RELEASE – EXTREME ENTERTAINMENT LAND GUMBALL 3000 RIGHTS – ‘It’s grease, glamour and guts in equal measures’ Burt Reynolds. Extreme Entertainment, formerly Extreme International, one of the worlds leading TV program producers and distributors has signed a deal to secure the long term exclusive television rights to the now legendary marathon driving event, the Gumball 3000 rally. The race will see 150 of the worlds fastest super cars with celebrity drivers cover 3000 miles across France, Spain and Morocco and back to France in six days. The cars involved rank amongst the world’s most amazing with Ferraris, Lamborghinis and Bentleys, racing alongside highly modified vehicles such as the nitrous-injected VW Campervan that will be taking part this year. Gumball 3000 has grown massively in recent years, with presenters from MTV show Jackass taking part and drawing MTV USA’s highest audience for the year 2002. Extreme is producing a one-off (90′) and a (6×30′) programe series about the rally, which will interweave the experiences of a number of high profile drivers and gumballers during the race. The line-up includes actors Burt Reynolds and Orlando Bloom, rapper Pharrell, model Jodie Kidd, as well as most of the original Jackass cast. There will also be very strong representation from the Extreme Sports community, with skateboard gurus Tony Hawk and Bucky Lasek, Dave Mirra, Travis Pastrana, Carey Hart, Corey Nastasio and last but not least, Bam Margera from Viva La Bam all taking part in the rally. During the rally Tony Hawk and Bucky Lasek will also be doing a major skate demo at the Marseille skate park for the new Birdhouse video. Leaving Paris on May 4th, during the rally the contestants will have a breakfast with the Real Madrid football team, attend a party hosted by the King of Morocco and attend the Spanish Grad Prix before crossing the finishing line in Cannes the day before the the Cannes film festival. For details – visit or

Columbia Partners With Chinese Authorities in Counterfeit Raids – Columbia Sportswear Company recently joined forces with Chinese authorities in three separate raids of factories producing counterfeit Columbia Sportswear apparel. As part of an aggressive campaign to stamp out counterfeiters and protect its unique brand, the recent raids resulted in the seizure of more than 5,700 pieces of counterfeit jackets, vests, pants and 157,000 counterfeit Columbia labels… (3/24/2004) Reprinted with permission. Copyright 2004 SportsNewsSource, LLC

PRESS RELEASE – The 2004 Mid-Atlantic Skateboarding Championship Series is on! Dates include: July 10-11, Charles County Skatepark, July 17-18, Vans, Woodbridge VA and August 21-22, St. Mary’s County Skatepark – Bowl, Street and Overall (street + bowl) – Jam Session/Skate the Entire Park Format – This year’s series is sponsored by Checkers. Come on out, skate with your friends, lay down your best runs, and have fun! See: for more info.


PRESS RELEASE – to Kickoff Rock Against Bush Tours! NOFX, Alkaline Trio, Jello Biafra, Authority Zero to Rock Against Bush – launches its first Rock Against Bush Tours! The tour line up includes NOFX, Alkaline Trio, Jello Biafra and Authority Zero. This tour begins Monday, March 29th in Seattle and tackles the Western States with more shows to follow.. There will be large amounts of anti-Bush goodies available: shirts, free stickers, the anticipated Rock Against Bush Vol. I compilation; and with help from Music for America, there will be a massive voter registration blitz. The time for action is now and the Punk Voter Tour promises a cure for voter apathy! has quickly gained national attention for uniting the punk community against the policies of the Bush Administration. Under the leadership of Fat Mike, has created a coalition of over 200 of the nation’s largest punk rock musicians, dozens of record labels, and thousands of punk rock music fans. They have forced their issues onto the national political scene and mobilized young voters to take action. To join visit their website at The Schedule: 4/10/04 Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, CA – 4/12/04 Santa Cruz Civic Auditorium Santa Cruz, CA – 4/14/04 Bren Events Center Irvine, CA – 4/15/04 Rialto Theatre Tucson, AZ – 4/16/04 Arizona State University / SRC Field Tempe, AZ – 4/24/04 UNLV Intramural Field Las Vegas, NV This is just the first of many Punk Voter tours to take place throughout America; other bands like Bouncing Souls, Avail, and Strike Anywhere also plan to Rock Against Bush in 2004.

PRESS RELEASE – SK8KINGS SKATE JAM — 2004 #3 – The next Sk8 Jam is set for Sunday, May 2, 2004 — Noon till Dusk — Edison Park, Huntington Beach, CA. For details go to www.SK8KINGS.COM

PRESS RELEASE – Punk Rock Skateboards is stoked to announce the addition of DEVO to the PRS family. Many regard DEVO as the first skate rock band that many of us sessioned pools and ramps to. DEVO in the early skate scene made an impact that is still felt today. Their music was a great sound track for all out skate shredding. Decks will come in: minis, 7.75, 8, 8.5 as well as our 9.25 pool deck. We also want to officially welcome pro skater Kevin Staab to Punk Rock Skateboards. We will be re-issuing his pro model that had the pirate design on it from back in the day in the exact old school shape with the correct thickness of vaneers too. That same design will also be made available in the new school versions of minis, 7.75, 8, 8.5 as well as our pool deck. Clothing, etc to follow. For more info you can always check out Punk Rock Skateboards –

U.S. PREMIERE OF SOMEWHERE, ANYWHERE, EVERYWHERE SET FOR APRIL 20TH IN SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA – After two years in the making, the long-awaited U.S. premiere of Somewhere Anywhere Everywhere is set for Tuesday, April 20th at the legendary Galaxy Theater in Santa Ana, California. Australian surf industry giant Globe International will be host to the premiere of its mega-budget surf movie with 2001 ASP World Champion CJ Hobgood, Brad Gerlach, Pancho Sullivan and other featured team athletes joining the festivities. Doors for the premiere open at 7pm followed by an 8pm screening. Check out for additional details and updated information.

VENICE, CA SKATEPARK ASSOCIATION PRESS RELEASE – The VSA is happy to announce a membership drive and screening of surf and sk8 films from the Venice/Santa Monica area on May 7, 2004. In addition, Enie Minie recording artist Blue Eyed Son will perform live as will local punks Frontside Grind. Furthermore, the VSA has invited L.A City Council rep to speak about the Venice Sk8park that the VSA has lobbied so hard for. The event is free, however a $5.00 donation includes a raffle ticket to win great prizes from our generous sponsors. Thanks, Ger-I – VSA WHEN: May 07 2004. WHERE: Club GoodHurt Venice Blvd & Centinella Ave. TIME: 8:00-10:30. For more information or to contribute to the event please e-mail

SKATERBUILT PRESS RELEASE – Skaterbuilt is proud to announce three new models due out in late Spring in addition to the continuation of the o.g.- friendly 12″ x 34″ Pigs, 10″ x 33″ Piglets, and 11″ x 32″ Jay Smith models. The 10″ x 36″ “SkaterCult” model is a fishtail hybrid deck with a “magic” 18″ wheelbase. It’s functionally designed for all types of skating and is sure to be a great ride. The new (VRS) Vert Rider Series deck is a 9″ x 33″ modern 15″ wheelbase (directional) side-cut shape designed for today’s serious vert, park, and pool skater. The new (SPS) Street/Park Series deck is an 8″ x 31″ modern 14″ wheelbase (semi-directional) shape designed for the new generation of young street and park rippers. *All Skaterbuilt decks will continue to be made with shiny-black Formica bottoms only. Poolside Favors (PF-63’s) are new 63mm tall, 39mm wide, 99a, “church-glass” style wheels manufactured at Creative Urethanes and were designed for serious vert, park, pool, and pipe riders. The PF 63’s are tall, hard, grippy, and fast- really fast. Skaterbuilt and Jay Smith logo t-shirts, jerseys, and decals are in stock and now available. Contact Skaterbuilt at: or call: 562-431-2406.

OutLook is proud to announce its new Punk Rock Legends Series with deck #1 Featuring none other that British Punk Legends GBH! Also new SLVR Trucks just in! For more info or to purchase check out

BILLABONG/JACK MCCOY FILM FESTIVAL PRESENTS SURF FILM “BLUE HORIZON” – Jack McCoy’s latest surf film, Blue Horizon will show in theaters across the USA mainland from April 21 through May 30, head to Hawaii on July 1 and then to Europe and Japan. Blue Horizon is a fascinating study of the two very different paths trodden by two of the world’s best surfers, Hawaii’s consecutive two-time WCT world-champion Andy Irons, and Australia’s unique professional free-surfer, Dave “Rasta’ Rastovich. Blue Horizon also follows the close battle for the 2003 world title between six-time World Champion Kelly Slater and reigning champion, Andy Irons, culminating in a nail-biting finish in Hawaii…. For a complete film tour listing visit

UNITED SKATEBOARDING ASSOCIATION NEWS – The first grom contest of the year is gonna be at WARP skatepark in Woodstock, IL on May 8th. Go to or for more info. There will be two divisions – beginner and intermediate for skaters 13 years old and younger. It costs $20 to enter and registration is at 10AM and the contest starts at 12. Visit 2004 UNITED SKATEBOARDING ASSOCIATION GROM CONTEST SERIES CONTEST SCHEDULE – May 8 – W.A.R.P. – IL, May 22 -Skater Island -RI, June 12 – 885 – PA, June 27 – Rampage – NY, July 10 – Modern – MI, August 14 – Charm City – MD, and September 11 – Skate Shelter – NY. For more go to 2004 BEAST OF THE EAST UNITED SKATEBOARDING ASSOCIATION CONTEST SCHEDULE – May 9 – Warp Skatepark – IL, May 23 – Skater Island – RI, June 13 – 885 – PA, July 10 – Modern MI, July 31 – Sessions – OH, August 15 – Charm City – MD, September 12 – Skate Shelter – NY, October 10 -Title 10 – PA. For more go to

2004 SOCAL C.A.S.L. STREET SERIES – SOCAL-4 – APRIL 24, 2004 – HOLLYWOOD SPORTS – SOMERSET BLVD. – BELLFLOWER, CA; SOCAL-5 – MAY 22, 2004 – BOOMERS – 3405 MICHELSON DRIVE – IRVINE, CA…. CALIFORNIA STATE GAMES – VERT CONTEST – APRIL 23, 2004 – HOLLYWOOD SPORTS PARK SOMERSET BLVD. BELLFLOWER, CA…. C.A.S.L. adds VERT RAMP SERIES & POOL SERIES – The VERT RAMP SERIES & POOL SERIES will each have 3 to 5 Qualifing contests with the STATE CHAMPIONSHIP for each being held on JULY 18, 2004 in San Diego at the CALIFORNIA STATE GAMES. These schedules will be posted on the web at Also check future C.A.S.L. NEWSLETTERS for contest information. For more info go to

SKATELAB NEWS – SKATE CAMP – Summer Camp Dates are July 13th, 14th, 15th and 16th and August 10th, 11th, 12th and 13th. The hours are 9am to 12noon with instruction and 12pm to 6pm open skating. Cost is $125 for all 4 days. Includes lunch on Friday and camp t-shirt. You can sign up at

For Immediate Release – Cleveland TO HOST 2004 GRAVITY GAMES FROM SEPTEMBER 15-19 – Outdoor Life Network to Air 20 Hours of Exclusive Coverage- Outdoor Life Network announces that the Gravity Games – the world’s leading action sports competition – will return to Cleveland’s North Coast Harbor for the third consecutive year. The event will take place from September 15-19 and OLN will broadcast more than 20 hours of exclusive coverage during the event.

The “Live Fast” Houston Hot Rod Tattoo Convention and Custom Culture Show, June 10-13 2004 ~ Houston, Texas

Vans Slam City Jam returns April 30 – May 02 2004 to Vancouver BC for its 11th year! – This year Slam will be moving to a new venue located in the heart of downtown Vancouver called BC Place with a bigger street course, huge public skatepark, close proximity to clubs and hotels, easier access by transit, loads of skate spots nearby, better food, more toilets, security that’s way less lame and overall more to see, hear and do!!! Schedule and venues for the Vans Triple Crown Series this summer… Highlights include a return to Cleveland aand the Vans Slam City Jam’s move this May to Vancouver’s B.C. Place, the largest air-supported domed stadium in the world. – Vans Slam City Jam – April 29 – May 2 NBC Sports – May 8 / 5:00 PM EDT – (B.C. Place, Vancouver, B.C.) – National Champs of Skate – June 4 – June 6- NBC Sports – August 7 / 3:30 PM EDT – (Nautica Ent. Complex, The Flats, Cleveland, OH) – World Champs of Skate – September 24-26 NBC Sports – December 5 / 2:00 PM EST – (Oceanside Pier, Oceanside, CA)

PRESS RELEASE – WASSERMAN MEDIA GROUP ACQUIRES 411 PRODUCTIONS 411 Purchase Signals WMG’s Entry into Content Development – Los Angeles, CA. March 01, 2004 – Wasserman Media Group, LLC, a sports & entertainment company specializing in talent management and lifestyle focused marketing, has purchased 411 Productions, the number one video content provider in the action sports industry. The acquisition offers 411 Productions an opportunity to expand its development and distribution reach across both endemic and non-endemic media and retail platforms. “The 411 team identified early on the value in creating premium programming that appeals to action sports athletes and enthusiasts, and they have successfully delivered. As the appetite for this lifestyle content grows and media partners look to resonate with this powerful audience, 411 is positioned to thrive,” said Casey Wasserman, Chairman and CEO, Wasserman Media Group. “We look forward to jointly realizing 411’s potential with additional resources and relationships that will support the exposure of action sports and all of its participants.” Founded in 1993, 411 Productions remains the leader in action sports content development and production, publishing video magazines featuring athletes and their experiences…

To contribute to the San Pedro Skatepark go to

PRESS RELEASE – The DVD is out for “STOKED: The Rise and Fall of Gator” through Lions Gate/Palm Pictures; in the USA and Canada with 100 minutes of extras! On the DVD: Five page interactive timeline and rare vintage interview outtakes, skate sessions and demo, Extended scenes with arresting new material, Private unseen home movies, Criminal case documentation, New short films by director Helen Stickler ‘Stoked: Uncovered’ FUEL television special, Theatrical trailer, Weblinks, Spanish subtitles with surround sound. Check out the limited edition STOKED signed and silkscreened movie poster at STOKED: THE RISE AND FALL OF GATOR charts 80s skateboarding legend-turned-convict Mark “Gator” Rogowski’s transformation from local hero to international superstar, as skateboarding became a global passion. As part of an elite crew of top pros, Gator held rank with skate icons Tony Hawk, Steve Caballero and Lance Mountain, who in the film recall the culture shock of teens colliding with wealth and stardom. The charismatic, egocentric Gator strove for celebrity, but when styles in skating shifted, his waning fame skidded into infamy in a shocking act of violence. Six years in the making, STOKED mixes high voltage skate footage, home movies, eighties nostalgia, music and interviews to create an unforgettable portrait of an era and a man. For more info about the film or to order a copy of your own – go to WWW.STOKEDMOVIE.COM

LOCATION CHANGE!!! The Mighty Mama Skate-O-Rama will be held May 9th, 2004, at the LAGUNA NIGUEL skatepark in LAGUNA NIGUEL, CA hosted by the International Society of Skateboarding Moms. For more info –

There are now officially 600 skateparks in the USA.
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To order a JUICE MAGAZINE subscription, back issues and/or T-shirts, you can send a check or money order made out to JUICE MAGAZINE with your complete address and choice of t-shirt style and size to – JUICE MAGAZINE 2633 LINCOLN BLVD. #411 SANTA MONICA, CA 90405. You can also now use Paypal to pay for your JUICE subscription, ads and merchandise orders online. Our website shows all the T-shirt designs and the back issues available. If you have any questions, just e-mail


#49 – Duane Peters, Minor Threats, North Shore Gallery, Causey Way, Good Riddance, Fu Manchu, Zen Guerrilla, Murder City Devils, The Dwarves, Hawaiian Underground Skate, Fruit of the Vine documentary, Ocean Beach Park opening, Jon West, Frank Atwater, The Distillers, Texas Terri & the Stiff Ones, No Thanx and The Pushers

#50 – Juice Magazine Skateboarding Hall of Fame I, Steve Olson, Skatopia, Mike Vallely, Ian MacKaye, Jello Biafra, Motorhead, John Doe, Bruce Fleming, East Coast Roundwall, Basic Bowl 2000, Nashville Pussy, Tommy Guerrero, Juice Magazine Music Hall of Fame and Mike Doyle.

#51 – Scott Bourne, David Hackett, Pete The Ox, Dave Duncan, Rick Carje, Public Enemy, Corrosion of Conformity, Avail, Sick of it All, EMP Skate Punk Weekend, Death by Stereo, L.E.S. Stitches, The Third Degree and Donkey Punch.

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To celebrate our 10 year anniversary in a unique way, this issue features three different covers,
representing the soul of skateboarding on a variety of terrain.

You can collect all three at

ISSUE 57 FEATURES – Bob Burnquist interview by Dave Duncan, Christian Hosoi interview by Keith Hamm, Claus Grabke interview by Dan Levy, Peter Hewitt interview by Jesse Martinez, Kenny Hughes interview by Steve Olson, Benji Galloway interview by Dan Levy, Eric “Tuma” Britton interview by Aaron “Fingers” Murray, Jonny Manak interview by Jason Jessee, Fork Crew interview by Jim Murphy, Laird Hamilton interview by Jeff Ho, James O’Mahoney interview by Susanne Melanie Berry, Terri Craft, Scott Starr, C.R. Stecyk III, Airspeed Skatepark’s Geth Noble interview by Jim Murphy, East Coast Ramp Design’s Chris Mearkle interview by Jim Murphy, Dogtown Chronicles – Allen Sarlo interview by Steve Olson, Shepard Fairey interview by Steve Olson, Danny Bearer interview by Steve Olson, George Clinton interview by Dan Levy, Suicidal Tendencies interview by Jay Adams, Bo Diddley interview by Steve Olson, Tom Knox interview by Samuel Chowdhry, Ray Fennessey interview by Dan Levy, Helen Stickler interview by Jason Jessee, Hank Fotos interview by Jay Adams, Bouncing Souls interview by Anni Layne Rodgers, Swingin’ Utters interview by Anni Layne Rodgers, Punk Rock Skateboards interview by Anni Layne Rodgers and more…
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SoCalSkateShop.comis Launched as a new domain. I have had the Online Skateshop up for awhile now so if you have not checked it out yet feel free to look around. I am sure you will find the prices competitive with similar items found at the large commercial online skateshops.The Basic Bowl went off this weekend. Look for coverage of the event coming this week.

Posted on 25 Apr 2004 by Mike Hirsch
Updated the Glendale Verdugo skatepark page with a new photo gallery showing the overview of the skatepark and some new Jaydubz sequences to the Opening Day gallery.
Posted on 27 Apr 2004 by Mike Hirsch
Posted on 29 Apr 2004 by Mike Hirsch

We are going to be out skateboarding and filming this coming Sunday May 2nd. The skateparks we are going to be at are all in San Diego and are Coronado, Chula Vista, and Poway. The plan is to hit Coronado at around 10am, Chula Vista in the afternoon, and then head over to Poway at around 4 or 5. Should be a fun day. Hope you can make it out.
Oxnard Skatepark
Updated Oxnard Skatepark PicsThe Oxnard Skateboard Park should be open as early as the 15th of May. Once we find out the exact day of the grand opening we will pass on the information. Thanks To Jeff Lappin for keeping us up to date on the Oxnard Skatepark.
Posted on 30 Apr 2004 by Mike Hirsch
Billy Green Getting Some
Billy Green Getting Some at Poway!
This past Sunday a crew of us fought through the heat and sessioned the Coronado Skatepark, Chula Vista Skatepark, and the Poway Skatepark. You can check out each respective skatepark page for a photo gallery of some of the skating that went down. We also shot a ton a video footage. We have been filming quite alot over the past few months and should have a trailer of our video in the next month or so. Stay Tuned!Added a ton of Basic Bowl photos. We planned to do an article but did not have the time but we wanted to at least get the photos from the event up. You can check them out in the photo gallery – Basic Bowl Barbeque 2004
Posted on 04 May 2004 by Mike Hirsch
The International Society of Skateboard Moms presents…
The Mighty Mama Skate-O-Rama
Who: The International Society of Skateboarding Moms, and anyone who supports us–male, female, young or not-so-young!
When: Mother’s Day! Sunday, May 9, 2004. The first day of National Women’s Health Week.
Where: Laguna Niguel skatepark Take 5 Freeway, exit Alicia Pkwy., travel southwest for approximately three miles. Park is on Alicia Pkwy., one block north of Aliso Creek Rd.
Why: Because moms gotta have fun–especially on Mother’s Day! It’s also a benefit for children’s literacy.
Benefit: Proceeds from our raffle of cool skate stuff go to Orange County Public Library’s Children’s Services division. The Mighty Mama also is the kick-off event for Rolling for Reading, which supplies new books to kids who need them. Donate a new hardcover children’s book and receive a Skateboard Mom hat (while supplies last).
Raffle prizes and giveaways from these sponsors:
Mike Vallely, Ocean Pacific, Vitamin Water, Vans, ConCrete Divas, Skaterade, CORE Boardshop,,Steve Badillo, Alphabitsoup Productions, Wahoo’s Fish Tacos, Gravity Skateboards,Harbinger safety pads, Skaterbuilt, Eco Lips, Juice magazine, Concrete Wave magazine, Penguin Group USA, Willis Bros. Surf School, Chili’s restaurant, Pro Tec
, Flowlab, Latitude 33 Bookshop, Moving Comfort, John Warren Photography and Cherry Skateboards
Also:Author Barbara Odanaka will be on hand to sign her new book, Skateboard Mom, due out May 3rd with Putnam. Barb will donate all of her royalties the day of the event to the Orange County Public Library’s Children’s Services division.Go to for more detail.
Posted on 07 May 2004 by Mike Hirsch
Volcom Skatepark
Volcom – Private Skatepark

Last week we stopped by the Volcom skatepark and took a look at the new skatepark that they are building and the new bowl they built is insane. The new bowl has 12′ to 14′ trannies with pool coping on the 14′ trannies. It is huge!! They have also built a cool new mini-ramp that you could spend days in working out new lines. Unfortunately, this is a private skatepark for use of the Volcom team and the Volcom inner circle and having an opportunity to skate the skatepark, it is about who you know. You can check out the finished skatepark and a construction progress slideshow by visiting Volcom’s Skatepark Page.
I also received some new pics from LRM for the Riverside Jurupa Skatepark that will be opening in June.
Posted on 08 May 2004 by Mike Hirsch
Encinitas Skatepark Update

Just received a video contributed by Russ Patterson showing the progress of the Encintas Skatepark construction. The new skatepark looks sick. Here is what Russ had to say. “I checked out the progress on the new Y park last Saturday (May 8). Looks awesome. They started pouring concrete on the tri-bowl and the rebar is done for the kidney pool. It looks like about the same size as the old park but the entire deck will be concrete instead of black top. The X-Games vert ramp is still in pieces in the parking lot.”Here is a video showing the progress > Encinitas Video (for best results do a right-click and save target as)
Posted on 09 May 2004 by Mike Hirsch
It looks like the Rancho Santa Margarita Skatepark has once again post-poned until the Fall of 2004 > Skatepark’s Future Postponed
Posted on 10 May 2004 by Mike Hirsch


8205 Santa Monica Blvd. #1-299
West Hollywood, CA 90046

Hotline info line is: 310.515.2020

Mail a 3X5 snap shot taken outside in natural light, include name & phone number – we are currently booking 18yr – 30yr non union Skate Fans for the Long Beach Auditorium scene May 5/18 & 5/19. Everyone should mail a photo ASAP to be booked for those scenes. We are shooting through June 15th.

More info on the Lords Of Dogtown movie.

Posted on 12 May 2004 by Mike Hirsch
Oxnard Skatepark
Oxnard Skatepark

– The Oxnard Skatepark is scheduled to have it’s grand opening on Saturday June 5th. More details to follow.
– The Santa Monica Skatepark build contract has been awarded to California Skateparks.
Posted on 12 May 2004 by Mike Hirsch
Future Costa Mesa Skatepark location
Tewinkle Park – Future Home of the Costa Mesa Skatepark
Here is a Costa Mesa Skatepark update from Jim GrayHey Everyone,I attended a city council study session on Monday where the council got to ask questions about what’s up with the Skatepark. Nothing major to talk about came from that. Everyone seems to be supportive of the project moving forward and all the questions they had were pretty standard in nature. Amongst other things, it was just pointed out how well the project was laid out to least impact the park and the neighborhood. I hope someday the nearby residents will realize that we suggested it was placed where it is because we want to protect the quality of life in their neighborhood and protect the longevity of the skatepark. I think their home values will increase after the park is completed and many new families wanting to move to Costa Mesa will look to the closest neighborhood where their kids can do the activities they love. A skatepark is a great addition to Costa Mesa, and I wish it was closer to my house. Oh well, there is always the next park. I’ll happily drive drive a few miles.They did mention that signs showing “Future Location of Costa Mesa Skate Park” had been placed at TeWinkle at the location where the skatepark will go. It is just further proof that the project is moving forward. Even though I’ve been working on it for a couple years now, and have been very involved as it goes through the design process etc…, I still need reminders like this to prove it’s actually going to happen after so many years of disappointment, and that’s why I want to show you these pictures so you can believe it yourself. It looks like the skateboarders of Costa Mesa will actually have somewhere to go in the near future.Next comes the Comedy: I did a quick drive by after that meeting on Monday and checked out the signs. I didn’t have my camera with me. I thought something looked a little odd on the sign, but I didn’t get out of my car. I went yesterday and had my camera, and this time I got out to take a close look at the signs.I thought it was pretty Ironic that the sign had a picture of a Inline Skater on it, and not a Skateboarder. This project has been worked on for nearly two years entirely by Skateboarders, and the sign goes up with an Inline Skater on it–Does the comedy never end?

We all know that when it opens, inline skaters will arrive intermittently to mess up the flow, and generally irritate the skateboarders, and we will have to deal with it. That’s life, but to put an inline skater on the sign of a skateboarder demanded, driven, and designed park is just a sign of how out of touch cities can be and how lucky we are to have skateboarders involved to do what they can to make sure it gets built right. I am not trying to even suggest that inline skaters shouldn’t be able to use the park, but they sure haven’t had anything to do with it. I guess I just find it funny knowing that if a Baseball Diamond was being built, they wouldn’t put a picture of someone playing Basketball on the sign just because they both use balls. Clueless Comedy at it’s finest!!

Our next step is to do our best to assure that the park is built by a qualified builder who actually builds good skateparks. We don’t want a good design turned into lumpy concrete by people who don’t understand skateboarding, and we will do whatever we can to assist the city to make sure that Costa Mesa can’t get duped like so many other cities have. That’s where it’s at for now, just wanted to give you an update.

I will update you again soon, as the plans get closer to completion. For now, lets just be happy that the signs are up!!!! Thanks and have a great weekend,

Jim Gray
“The Voice Of The Skaters for Costa Mesa & Newport Beach, California, Usa”

Posted on 14 May 2004 by Mike Hirsch

– Congratulations to Josh Mahler of Santa Barbara – The Conspiracy SkateboardsWrex Cook Giveaway Winner.- Just got news that the Northridge Skatepark has been closed and torn down to make room for some new condos. JED over at Concrete Disciples has word that some of the ramps could be moving to a new location at a church somewhere in Simi Valley. I will keep you posted.

– Had a killer session with some bros today at the Glendale Skatepark, Upland Skatepark, and the Chino Skatepark. I will be posting some photos in the next couple of days.

– The new Jurupa Skatepark in Riverside is scheduled to have its grand opening on Saturday June 5th the same day as the Oxnard Skatepark grand opening.

Posted on 15 May 2004 by Mike Hirsch
Christian and TA

Had an amazing day today. I had the opportunity to take the day off and head down to the Long Beach Arena and watch the filming of the remake of the 1978 Freeformer contest that will be apart of the Lords of the Dogtown movie. Highlights of the day for me included:
– My son Christian was an extra and it was very cool seeing him dressed in 70s team gear
– Having an opportunity to skate the Freeformer ramp undetected by security.
– Seeing Tyler Mumma stylized as a Stacy Peralta double.
– Witnessing the filming of the Freeformer contest and reliving in my mind the actual event back in 1978 to which me and my brother attended.I took a ton of photos and was finally caught and warned not to publish them. They are amazing but I just can’t publish them – damn!!!!!On another note, I just posted 2 new photo galleries from a session that we had last Sunday and you can find them on the Chino Skatepark page and the Glendale Skatepark page. Enjoy!
Posted on 18 May 2004 by Mike Hirsch
Target Stores-Sponsored Vert Ramp To Be Dedicated At The Magdalena Ecke Family YMCA in Encinitas, Calif


Contacts: Shana Frahm or Mark Sperling
No Comment PR
(949) 499-4587

Paula Thornton-Greear
Target Stores
(612) 696-3400

Target Stores-Sponsored Vert Ramp To Be Dedicated At The Magdalena Ecke
Family YMCA in Encinitas, Calif.

Shaun White and Mat Hoffman to host Encinitas skate park Grand Reopening and Media Day with top Southern California pro athletes

MINNEAPOLIS (May 14, 2004) ‹ Target Stores announced today that it will
dedicate the 2003 Summer X Games vert ramp during the facility¹s skate park Grand Reopening and Media Day on Sunday, June 13, 2004. Target acquired and donated the ramp to the Magdalena Ecke Family YMCA during its recent remodeling in order to preserve vert riding for future generations. The day¹s festivities will be hosted by Target-sponsored action sports athletes Shaun White and Mat Hoffman.

The Grand Reopening and Media Day, which will begin at 1:00 p.m., will
include a demo by top pro skateboarders and BMX riders, an autograph signing session and a silent auction featuring items donated by the athletes. The proceeds raised from the silent auction will be donated to the Magdalena
Ecke Family YMCA.

The long-awaited reopening of the Encinitas skate park, which has a hillside
view of the Pacific Ocean and is one of the most photographed locations in
the sport of skateboarding, also will include an open skate session for YMCA
members after the pro demo. In addition to the vert ramp contribution by
Target, the 33,000 square-foot park will also feature two new concrete
bowls, including a clover bowl and a kidney bowl, and a 15,000 square-foot
street course.

³Target understands the need for public recreational facilities for action
sports enthusiasts,² said John Remington, vice president, events marketing
and communications, Target Corporation. ³We¹re committed to making a
positive difference in this community by contributing something meaningful
to the growing number of skateboarders and BMX riders in the area.²

In recent years, Target has increased its support of the action sports
community in a positive and unique way. The sponsorship of the X Games vert ramp at the YMCA is part of its commitment to the communities where it does business and its support of programs that promote the arts, education and social services. Nationally, Target, along with its parent company Target Corporation, gives back more than $2 million a week to communities across the United States.

Target also sponsors some of today¹s top professional action sports
athletes, including pro snowboarder and pro skateboarder Shaun White, pro
freestyle motocross rider Nate Adams, and Team Hoffman, which includes the legendary Mat Hoffman along with seven of the world¹s top professional BMX riders. In addition, Target supports the industry by sponsoring Camp
Woodward and Woodward West, two of the top training facilities for action
sports and Olympic athletes, and Mat Hoffman¹s CFB, a pro-BMX competition.

About Target Stores

Minneapolis-based Target Stores serves guests at 1,249 stores in 47 states
nationwide by delivering today¹s best retail trends at affordable prices.
Whether visiting a Target store or shopping online at, guests
enjoy a fun and convenient shopping experience with access to thousands of
unique and highly differentiated items. Target Stores, along with its parent
company Target Corporation (NYSE:TGT), gives back more than $2 million a
week to its local communities through grants and special programs. Since
opening its first store in 1962, Target has partnered with nonprofit
organizations, guests and team members to help meet community needs.

Posted on 20 May 2004 by Mike Hirsch
San Diego, Memorial Skatepark
San Diego, Memorial Skatepark

Headed down to the Memorial Skateparkin San Diego today with my son Christian to hook up with some bros for some filming for our upcoming video. We have the trailer ready for the video and I should have it posted in the next several days – Stay Tuned!!On the way to Memorial we stopped by the Encinitas Skatepark and the Washington Street Skateparkand both parks look like they will be insane once they are completed.The photo above of the Memorial Keyhole shows the keyhole after the re-build and all that they are waiting for now is the new coping for the pool. Looks like the shot-crete work is much better this time around. Kind of a bummer that they are still not going to put tile in the pool just a metal band around the top of the pool – arghh!! The pool should be ready in the next couple of weeks.Be sure to check our Events Calendar over the next several weeks. Several new skateparks will be opening including the new Encinitas Skatepark and the Oxnard Skateparkamong others.Word is that the lights will be turned on sometime early next week over at the Etnies Skatepark. The Skull Bowl is currently closed for repairs and should be ready to skate in a week or so. I will keep you posted.On Friday Night Volcom had a video premiere for their new Chichagof skate video. I was planning on going but something came up so you can read all about it here.
Posted on 23 May 2004 by Mike Hirsch

Plus be among the first to see the trailer of the

upcoming SoCal Skateparks DVD release

Rebirth of the Skateparks!


Tonight, Tuesday (5/25) the Concrete Disciplescrew is having a Party in North Hollywood @ the Thunderbird to celebrate the new Concrete Disciples DVD release.We will be there as well to premiere the trailer for our upcoming DVD release entitled Rebirth of the Skateparks.

Please feel free to come join us for a fun night of punk rock (Dimwits & Drunkin Punkin Idiots), pool skating on the Big Screen, drinks, partying, giveaways, and pick up a discounted copy of the Concrete Disciples DVD for only $15 bucks. Click here for all the details.

Posted on 25 May 2004 by Mike Hirsch
Complete Live TV Schedule and On-site SportsCenter, Plus New Competitions and Venue
Among Changes to World’s Premier Action Sports EventLos Angeles — ESPN X Games, the premier action sports competition in the world, today announces a series of enhancements to its 10th anniversary event this year. Now in its second consecutive year in Los Angeles, X Games X will take place August 5-8, 2004. Enhancements for this year’s event include:·X Games X will be telecast LIVE across ESPN and ABC, with consistent programming windows at 9 pm ET / 6 pm PT on ESPN and a Sunday night primetime window on ABC.
·SportsCenter, the leading sports news and information program, will report live from X Games X and will be hosted by anchor Linda Cohn.
·The Home Depot Center in Carson, Calif. will serve as a new venue, joining STAPLES Center (both AEG owned and operated venues) and additional Los Angeles-area sites.
·Each event will feature “the best of the best” – showcasing maximum starting fields of 10 athletes in Finals only competitions.*
·The lineup of sports has been refined. Among the changes, it includes the addition of Skateboard Big Air and Moto X SuperMoto.”For the past decade, evolution and progression have defined action sports and in turn the X Games,” said Ron Semiao, senior vice president, ESPN Original Entertainment. “These distinguishing enhancements are designed to clearly identify the X Games as the signature action sports championship. With new sports, venues and formats, plus complete live programming and SportsCenter on-site, we will create the most significant event to date in this special milestone year for our athletes, fans and affiliate and advertising partners.”X Games X Programming
For the first time in X Games history (summer), the event will air fully LIVE on ESPN and ABC. X Games X will feature 14 hours of original programming from August 5-8, with consistent programming windows at 9 pm ET / 6 pm PT on ESPN and a Sunday night primetime window on ABC. In addition, ESPN2 will present daily late-night highlight programs from August 6-9, resulting in 18 total hours of original programming for X Games X.After a successful debut at Winter X Games VIII in January, SportsCenter, ESPN’s flagship daily news program, will report live from X Games X August 5-7. Each of those nights, the 11 p.m. ET SportsCenter will contain live event coverage. SportsCenter anchor Linda Cohn, who reported live from Winter X Games VIII, will also report from Los Angeles.Home Depot Center
The Home Depot Center in Carson, Calif. will serve as X Games’ newest venue and will be home to the Moto X Freestyle, Moto X SuperMoto and Bike Stunt Dirt competitions. STAPLES Center in Los Angeles will continue to serve as X Games’ primary venue. X Games X will also return to Huntington Beach Pier for Surfing and to Long Beach Marine Stadium for Wakeboard.The Home Depot Center is a 125-acre development featuring state-of-the-art stadiums and facilities for soccer, tennis, track and field, cycling, volleyball, baseball, softball, basketball…and now action sports. Designated as an “Official U.S. Olympic Training Site,” The Home Depot Center is the nation’s most complete training facility for Olympic, amateur and professional athletes. The soccer stadium will serve as the site for X Games X competitions.

Competition Format
X Games X will have a finals only format consisting of the 10 best action sports athlete per sport discipline. *The only sports that will feature more than 10 athletes will be Moto X SuperMoto (a race event) and Surfing (two teams of 10).

Sport organizers will assemble committees to determine the athletes who will be invited to compete at X Games X. Each sport is unique; therefore, the invitation criteria will vary per sport like they have over the past nine years. Editors Note: See the X Games X schedule located at the end of this release.

X Games X Sports
X Games X will include 17 world-class competitions – including the new Skateboard Big Air and Moto X SuperMoto – in six sport categories, including Aggressive In-Line Skate, Bike Stunt, Moto X, Skateboard, Surfing and Wakeboard. The following sports and disciplines will be included in X Games X, followed by new sports announcements:

Aggressive In-Line Skate
· Vert
Bike Stunt
· Dirt
· Park
· Vert
Moto X
· Best Trick
· Freestyle
· Step Up
· SuperMoto (NEW, announced 4/5/04)

· Big Air (NEW)
· Men’s Street
· Women’s Street
· Men’s Vert
· Women’s Vert
· Vert Best Trick
· The Game ä
· Men’s
· Women’s

The listing of athletes participating in X Games X will be announced at a later date.

Skateboard Big Air
An emerging discipline, Big Air is the newest member to the X Games Skateboard sport category. Skateboard Big Air consists of a jump that has a 60-80-foot takeoff ramp, followed by a gap jump, landing and quarterpipe at the bottom. The gap jump set-up is much like a snowboard big air jump. In this judged event, the athlete jumps the gap and executes tricks. Big Air gained its notoriety through skateboarders like Danny Way, who has been leading this movement and can be seen in The DC Video by DC Shoes. The Big Air competition will be held at STAPLES Center.

ESPN, The Worldwide Leader in Action Sports, first developed its X Games franchise in 1995. As part of the ESPN Original Entertainment division, X Games, Winter X Games, EXPN 2Day and X Games Global Championship are just some of the original action sports programming currently shown on ESPN and ESPN2. The brand has also grown to include international X Games events,, EXPN Radio, the large format film ESPN’s Ultimate X, X Games Skateparks and various X Games-branded retail products.

X Games X Competition Schedule
Note – All times listed are Pacific Time Zone. This schedule is subject to change. A full detailed schedule is forthcoming and will be listed on

Thursday, August 5th
Skateboard Vert Finals STAPLES Center
Moto X Best Trick Finals STAPLES Center

Friday, August 6th
Skateboard Street Finals STAPLES Center
Bike Stunt Vert Finals STAPLES Center
Moto X Step Up Finals STAPLES Center

Saturday, August 7th
Aggressive In-Line Vert Finals STAPLES Center
Wakeboard Women’s Finals Long Beach
Surfing The Game™ Finals Huntington Beach
Wakeboard Men’s Finals Long Beach
Bike Stunt Park Finals STAPLES Center
Skateboard Vert Women’s Finals STAPLES Center

Skateboard Vert Best Trick Finals STAPLES Center
Moto X Freestyle Prelims Home Depot Center

Sunday, August 8th
Skateboard Street Women’s Finals
Skateboard Big Air Finals STAPLES Center
Moto X SuperMoto Finals Home Depot Center
Bike Stunt Dirt Finals Home Depot Center
Moto X Freestyle Finals Home Depot Center


MEDIA: Please visit for X Games press materials, event photos, credential information and more.

Media Contact:
Melissa Gullotti, 860-766-7216,
Maria Elles Scott, 310-642-1509,

Posted on 27 May 2004 by Mike Hirsch

Benji GallowayBenji Galloway
Benji Galloway On A Rebel Run- Encinitas Skatepark 

Bill Hensley just sent me these shots of Benji ripping the unfinished combi bowl at the new Encinitas Skatepark. The new skatepark opens Sunday June 13th!!!
Posted on 27 May 2004 by Mike Hirsch


Memorial Skatepark Keyhole Re-Opens

This Saturday at Noon
Thanks goes to Mike Early of Pool King Skateboards, Buddy Carr of Tracker Trucks, and all involved with helping to get the original keyhole fixed. Kudos to Mark Leone and the rest of the crew over at Academy Skatefor backing up what they said that they were going to do and actually fixing the pool. THANKS!!!!!

Lights On At Etnies

Nick Gates over at Broken Magazine , who also works over at the Etnies Skatepark , has reported that the first night session at the skatepark will be this Friday. Night Sessions are finally on in Lake Forest!!

Posted on 27 May 2004 by Mike Hirsch
Buddy Carr
Buddy Carr Getting Some at the Memorial SkateparkThe Tracker Team had there way with the new Keyhole pool on Saturday and I thought it best to finally sleep in on a Saturday. What was I thinking. Finally after over 20 years of waiting a perfect skatepark keyhole!! You can see more pictures and some video over at the Tracker Trucks website. Thanks again Buddy Carr, Mike Early, and everyone else who spoke out against the problems with the previous pool.
Posted on 30 May 2004 by Mike Hirsch


Vans Ontario Mills to Close on June 13th

The vans Skateparkat the Ontario Mills Mall will be officially closed for good at 6PM on Sunday June 13th. I confirmed this information with the skatepark manager this morning. He informed me that the Ontario Mills Mall refused to continue to lease the space to Vans for the skatepark and that this was not Vans Corporate lowering the hatchet on the skatepark. Who knows?!?!?Get some while you can. The Death Toll of Vans Skateparks in rising and it looks like this could mean the end is near for Vans at the Block. Time will tell.

Posted on 30 May 2004 by Mike Hirsch
Don’t forget this Saturday is the Oxnard Skatepark grand opening. We will be at the grand opening from 10 to 2 and then will be heading over to the Ventura Skate Street skatepark for the 3 to 5 session. Should be a killer day of skating so come out and play.
Posted on 03 Jun 2004 by Mike Hirsch
Christian Hosoi – Free At Last
Posted on 05 Jun 2004 by Mike Hirsch

Went to the Oxnard Skateparkgrand opening today and had a great session with Jeff from Concrete Disciples, the Punk Rock Skateboards crew, RocknRon, and a host of others. The skatepark is really fun to skate and worth checking out when you get a chance. Like most new skateparks the cement is still extremely grippy and the metal coping needs to smooth out a bit but overall the skatepark turned out fairly good. I will post a review of the skatepark and an article with pictures tomorrow night.Christian Hosoi has been released from jail and will hopefully soon be ripping it up again.

Posted on 05 Jun 2004 by Mike Hirsch
Oxnard Skatepark Grand Opening
Stoked Oxnard Local Getting Some!
Oxnard Skatepark Grand Opening

View the Oxnard Skateboard Park Grand Opening Photo Gallery
View Photo Gallery
On Saturday morning we headed out to check out the Oxnard SkateparkGrand Opening. When we arrived at around 10:30 AM the crowd was growing with hundreds of local skaters ready to hit their new skatepark. Kronk Skateboards and some local skateboard companies had booths set up with kids lined up for raffles and giveaways. The mayor of Oxnard was giving a speech to the crowd and soon after his speech he and the rest of the Oxnard city officials headed to the entrance of the skatepark for the ribbon cutting ceremony.After the ribbon cutting ceremony the demo started with the Kronk Skateboards team followed by the Punk Rock Skateboards team and a few other local skateshop teams. The demo lasted for about 45 minutes and the crowd seemed to be stoked on the demo but were getting a bit restless to skate their new skatepark.Once the demo was over, the city let groups of around 40 skateboarders in at a time. It was really cool to see local kids like 8 yr old Termite Skateboards team rider Curren Caples and other locals ripping their new skatepark. Personally, I managed to skate the entire demo and until around 3PM. At first I was a bit leery about the skatepark, but after riding the skatepark for several hours I started to get really stoked on the park. The overall layout of the skatepark is good and Zack Wormhoudtwho design the skatepark made good use of the close to 15,000 sq ft of skate terrain. There is a good combination of street and transition that will stoke skateboarders for years to come.
View the Oxnard Skateboark Grand Opening Photo Gallery
View Photo Gallery

Like most new skateparks the cement is still grippy and the metal coping needs to be hit for a couple of weeks so that it will smooth out and slide faster. The locals seemed to be stoked on the new park and I did not hear any major complaints about the skatepark while I was there. Check it out yourself when you get a chance as this is the best public skatepark to date in Ventura County. The city of Oxnard did a great job giving the local skateboarders a place to call home and in putting together a killer grand opening. Thanks!!For a full review of the skatepark check out our Oxnard Skatepark page.
Posted on 06 Jun 2004 by Mike Hirsch

Read our Oxnard Skatepark Grand Opening Article

This past Saturday we hit the new Oxnard Skatepark so be sure to check out my reviewand the article that was just posted to the site.
The Rebirth Of Skateparks

I recently posted our trailer for our upcoming film The Rebirth of Skateparks. If you have not yet had a chance to check out the trailer you can find it HERE. The film will cover a majority of the best current skateparks here in SoCal as well as include footage from some of the great skateparks of the past including Concrete Wave, Skatopia, Big O, the Colton Skate Ranch, Oasis, and others. We are accepting footage for the film so if you have some good footage of the current skateparks or any footage of any past skateparks that you would like to contribute just send us an EMAIL.
Posted on 06 Jun 2004 by Mike Hirsch
Encinitas Pre-Session 6.11.04

Thanks to Colby Carter over at the Site Design Group and Garrett at the Encinitas YMCA Magdalena Ecke we had the opportunity for a Pre-Grand-Re-Opening session at the Encinitas Skatepark. We sessioned the new skatepark with Jake “The Pool Killer” Piasecki, Colby Carter, Lance Mountain, Buddy Carr, Mike Early, Wrex Cook, Aaron Astorga. Jimmy The Greek, Kevin Staab, and others for about 5 hours. For now you can check out my review of the Encinitas Skateparkand here is a pic of Jake who was simply amazing to see skate the new 11′ kidney.

Jake - The Pool Killer - Piasecki
Jake Piasecki – Encinitas Skatepark


Download the Video of the Session

Right Click HERE and select “Save Target As” to download a quicktime video (14mb) of the session.


View the Photo Gallery

Kevin Staab - Wicked BS Ollie

Kevin Staab – View the Photo Gallery

Posted on 12 Jun 2004 by mike hirsch

Encinitas Pre-Re-Grand-Opening Session
Jake Piasecki Getting Some
The Encinitas Skatepark Grand Re-Opening is happening this Sunday so be sure to check out our event calendar for all the details.
Posted on 12 Jun 2004 by mikes
Go To Encinitas Grand Re-Opening Article
Encinitas Skatepark GO was Epic – Go To Article
Posted on 13 Jun 2004 by Mike Hirsch
Encinitas Skatepark Grand Re-Opening


Encinitas Skatepark Grand Re-Opening

June 13th, 2004

Brian Howard
View Gallery I

Me and Christian hanging out
View Gallery I
On Sunday June 13th, we headed down to San Diego for the Encinitas Skatepark Grand Re-Opening event. We were still buzzing from the pre-re-opening session that we had on Friday and in our minds we were already at the skatepark even prior to arriving to the event. When we arrived at 11AM the crowd was already starting to gather so we checked in to get our media passes and I arranged to have my son Christian interview pro skateboarder/snowboarder Shawn White.

At around noon we headed into the skatepark and checked out the street/flow course designed by TeamPain. Once again TeamPain did a great job as usual designing and constructing a killer ramp park for the skaters who will be spending their days in this section of the skatepark!

View Gallery I
Next we header over to check out the 2003 X-Games vert ramp and the ramp is huge!! To my surprise no one was skating the ramp and when we walked over to the concrete section of the skatepark where the kidney and clover/combi are located the session was already heating up. As we stood next to the kidney all of a sudden I hear some blues music start blasting and I notice Dave Hackett set his ghetto pack next to the pool and proceed to drop in with a DogTownesque ego and start tearing the pool to shreds. Doug Saladino follows next easily finding smooth lines on his first run in the pool. Dave Duncan dropped and Colby Carter from the Site Design Group and a few other local rippers were heating up the session.

Shawn White

It was now time for my 9 yr old son Christian to interview Sean White who is one of Christian’s and many young skateboarders heroes. The interview went great and Christian was way stoked to meet one of his heroes. Look for the interview here soon!

It was now 1PM and time for the vert demo to start so we headed to the top of the vert ramp to check it out. World traveler and MC extraordinaire Dave Duncan proceeded with the formalities delivering a speech about the history of the skatepark and about how with skateparks like this that the future is bright for skateboarders in SoCal.

View Gallery II
View Gallery II
I am not a big vert ramp skater and standing at the top of the 2003 X-Games vert ramp monster was truly amazing – the thing is huge and not for the timid. Being that the skatepark is so close to the ocean one of the benefits for skaters who will be skating this ramp is the ocean view! Tony Mag, Kevin Staab, Brian Howard, Mike McGill, Carabeth Burnside, and a bunch of other skaters were ripping the halfpipe and everyone there was stoked on the demo. Shawn White was billed as the top pro to skate the demo but had to sit this one out due to injury.

In the end, the Family YMCA Magdalana Ecke put on a great re-opening event and better yet brought to SoCal the premiere vert skatepark that we have all been waiting for. Since San Diego is the home to the majority of vert pros you are bound to see some great skateboarding when you head out to this new skatepark. Some get discouraged by paying to skate at a skatepark but believe me this place is worth it. Do yourself a favor and don’t hesitate on visiting this skatepark it is a thing of beauty!


Here is some video footage of the event – Enjoy!

Right Click Here and Save Target to your PC.


Posted on 13 Jun 2004 by Mike Hirsch


Clairemont Pool Takes An Acid Bath

If you have not been skating the YMCA Mission Valley Clairemont Skateparkpool because it has been like an ice rink the past several months the pool is going to be acid washed today. Read below for more details from their new skatepark director.ATTENTION!!!
I have news about the bowl. We are going to acid wash the bowl here at mission valley in clairmont tomorrow Thursday June 17th 12:00-2:00 for those of you that don’t want the pool to be so slippery. Be sure to drive to the place nicely because we have a dirt parking lot and we want to keep the dust out of the bowl. It will be ready for a great weekend session so COME ON DOWN!!!



Laszlo, You da Man! Thanks!!

Posted on 16 Jun 2004 by Mike Hirsch


Go Skateboarding Day

In a proclamation signed by Lake Forest, California’s Mayor Peter Herzog and the City Council, Monday, June 21 has been officially declared Go Skateboarding Day in the City of Lake Forest! The City will officially present the declaration to the public the day prior at the etnies Skateparkof Lake Forest.Introduced by IASC (International Association of Skateboarding Companies), Go Skateboarding Day was created as a global celebration of skateboarding. Referred to as the grind that will be heard around the world, Go Skateboarding is a holiday for the skate community to band together in mass for the sole purpose of having fun skateboarding together.

“What a historical day this is for the skateboarding. The Proclamation of “Go Skateboarding Day” is the first official declaration by a city – ever! I applaud ISAC for this ingenious idea and the city of Lake Forest for embracing the youth spirit,” said Sole Technology, Inc. CEO Pierre André Senizergues, regarding Lake Forest’s support of the skateboarding community. “I’m extremely proud that we are uniting forces to support the Skateboarding culture and to promote its creativity and passion.”

The City of Lake Forest, Sole Technology, Inc., and several other local businesses have already worked together building one of the largest free public skateparks in the nation, the etnies Skatepark of Lake Forest.
A presentation marking the official recognition of Go Skateboarding Day will occur on the day prior, Sunday, June 20, at the etnies Skatepark of Lake Forest with Mayor Peter Herzog and Pierre. The day’s festivities in anticipation of Go Skateboarding Day will include a free barbeque, giveaways, raffles and, of course, skateboarding!

“First, Lake Forest makes a commitment to the community by providing an amazing skatepark. Now they have made a commitment to the global skateboarding community by being the first city in the world to recognize Go Skateboarding Day,” said IASC Marketing Director Don Brown. “Lake Forest truly is the best city in the world!”

Go Skateboarding Day
Monday, June 21, 2004

City of Lake Forest Go Skateboarding Day Proclamation Presentation
Sunday, June 20, 2004
11:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.
etnies Skatepark of Lake Forest

Posted on 18 Jun 2004 by Mike Hirsch


Hosoi Is Back!

Hosoi is Back

Christian Hosoi released from Jail just last week is already up to his old tricks. Check out coverage of him skating over at

Posted on 18 Jun 2004 by Mike Hirsch
06/23/2004 Turns One

I forgot all about the fact that the site is now a little over a year old. Socal Skateparks was launched on April 27th, 2003. So far it has been a great experience for me as it has enabled me to meet some new friends and get re-aquainted with some old friends that I use to skate with during the first wave of skateparks back in the 70’s and early 80’s. Thanks to everyone who has helped out with the site and to all of the Sponsorsthat have helped to make the site a success. Without there help this site would not exist so please support them by checking out there products.Some site news, I just added a new feature to the site where you can more easily browse the many photo galleries that we have compiled over the past year. You can check it out HERE. Enjoy!

Posted on 23 Jun 2004 by Mike Hirsch



SoCalSkateShop.comis our way of keeping alive. I know there are a plethora of options out there for purchasing your skate gear and I am doing my best to offer you the best possible selection and prices. So the next time you are shopping for some new skate gear, show some love for the site and make a pledge of support by purchasing some of your gear from our online store! Your support is appreciated!Thanks: MH


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Riverside is booming and Snake Runs are back! Thanks to the contribution of Mark Center I just posted 2 new skateparks that are under construction in Riverside. Check out the Future Skatepark section for more details. Rumour has it that the Jurupa Skatepark may not open this coming Saturday. If I hear more I will let you know.
Posted on 30 Jun 2004 by Mike Hirsch
Happy 4th. Go out and skate! Are you down with the 949? Holmes is gonna get you. Liberty is rising perpetual slides. No there is never going to be another day like today = it has ended.
Posted on 03 Jul 2004 by Mike Hirsch
Steve Hirsch - Memorial Skatepark
Steve Hirsch – Memorial Skatepark
More on the Memorial Skatepark session we had about 2 weeks ago in the next couple of days. How is that for timely reporting lol!!Been laying low the past week just kind of burnt out. If anyone knows if Jurupa opened on Saturday shoot me an email so I can get the 411 on the 909.I am working on integrating a search engine into the site so look for it rearing it’s head in the next couple of weeks.
Posted on 05 Jul 2004 by Mike Hirsch
I implemented a new search feature on the site. I am still working on optimizing the results. I should have it better optimized in the next couple of weeks.
Posted on 06 Jul 2004 by Mike Hirsch
– The Torrance Skatepark re-opens today so go out and support the park.
Papa Jack's Skatepark Design
Papa Jack’s Skatepark Design
– The newly re-designed pre-fab Papa Jack’s Skatepark in Malibu with be having their re-grand opening this Saturday July 10th. They will also be holding a skate comp as part of the event. Check out the event section on the skatepark page for more details.- The new Jurupa Skateparkin Riverside will not be opening for another 3 to 4 weeks due to some construction issues.- The El Segundo Skateparkis having their grand opening on July 16th at 5:00pm. The companies that will be represented at the grand opening are CIRE Boardwear, which will be distributing t-shirts to all skaters in attendence and I have been told that these companies will be represented also, Globe, Blind, Vans, and Chocolate skateboards. Once I have details and pictures of the skatepark I will put of a page for the skatepark. If there is anyone out there with info please send me an Email.- Just got this in from a contributer by the name of Gunner Griffith
“I’ve checked out the Santa Paula Skatepark construction. There’s some weird stuff going on there. They didn’t put any coping on the tops of most of the transitions and put a grind box/weak pyramid at the bottom of one transition as if you are going to go down the transition and ram into the grindbox. It pretty much wastes the transition along that side of the park. The design just appears to be a loser. There may be some hope for a bowl that looks about the size of the Santa Barbara b owl if they’re lucky. What a waste of concrete, cash and opportunity. Sorry Santa Paula, but I think you lose.”
Santa Paula Skatepark Design
Santa Paula Skatepark Design

Another Purkiss Masterpiece. Why does this keep happening?I am way behind on all my email so if you have sent anything in and I have not responded I should be caught up in the next week or so. This thing (site that is) has been cutting into my limited skating time so I have been out skating a bit over the last few days – MH
Posted on 08 Jul 2004 by Mike Hirsch

Had a killer day yesterday skating and filming with my son Christian. Lets see we hit Fullerton, Brea, Diamond Bar, San Dimas, LaVerne, Claremont, Pomona, Upland, and we went by the new skatepark in Jurupaout in Riverside. I was stoked for Christian because he finally got his first backside grind, was rolling in on a bigger trannys, and did his first axle drop. Very cool. No pics but I got it on video.With the exception of the Pipe Run at the Upland Skatepark and the street gnarl of the Pomona skatepark, all of the skateparks we hit are great for beginners. The Yurupa Skatepark looks done to me but from what I gathered from the people at the skatepark the park will not open for another 3 to 4 weeks.

The Pipeline is Closed
Don Hoffman – Telling us we cannot ride the Combi!!

We also stopped by the old location of the old Upland Skatepark and had a trip down memory lane with Don Hoffman. It was good to see him again and talk about the old skatepark and the history of the Badlands. I even managed to walk away with a stack of old Variflex stickers that Don brought for me which was kind of cool for an old varibot like me.

We will be skating Skatelab this morning and then off to Monrovia and Duarte. If you are in the area come out and skate with us.

Posted on 11 Jul 2004 by Mike Hirsch
Skateboarding Competitions

I grew up in an era of skateboarding, 70’s and 80’s, when skateboard competitions were a big part of skateboarding in SoCal but these days it seems amateur/pro skateboarding competitions are few and far between. My hats off to the skateparks who put together small contests and to CASL and all of the companies that support their contests but common knowledge of skateboard comps is lacking!! Why not a full-blown skatepark series promoted in the mags like days of old? Are the X-Games, Vans Triple Crown, Gravity Games and like competitions the tell all of skateboarding? Are CASL comps and city skatepark comps just a novelty? We have the skateparks? Is anyone going to step up to the bowl? Am I alone in these thoughts?

Posted on 11 Jul 2004 by Mike Hirsch


: skateboarding is fragmented :

: skateboarding is dead :

Who is WHo

Go Out and Skate! When done send in some pics so we can check out your session. Skateboarding lies in the end Fragmented.


: skateboarding is not a team sport :

Who is WHo

Skateboarding is fragmented, little pockets of action most of us never see.

Posted on 18 Jul 2004 by Mike Hirsch

We have been working hard on getting a trailer dvd together for our film The Rebirth Of Skateparks. The DVD is going to include the film’s trailer, footage from the Encinitas Skateparkgrand opening and the 2004 Basic Bowl Barbeque event. The DVD will be available sometime next week.We are wrapping up filming and we expect the film to be released in October

Not much going on with new skateparks in the next couple of weeks. The Santa Paula Skatepark is going to be opening in August. Nothing too promising but I will keep you posted.

Broken Magazine
Broken Magazine
If I had a site of the week it would be the Broken Magazine site. Nick Gates has really been working hard on bringing us a great pool oriented website and the site is turning out great. He is constantly adding new content, has added product reviews and a discussion forum as well as an online store where you can pick up some killer Broken Magazine films and t-shirts. Killer Site Nick and crew!

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Skull Candy
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SoCalSkateParks.Com Newsletter, July 2004

Click to View the Encinitas Skatepark
SoCal SkateParks News
Skullcandyis now the official sponsor of our newsleter and each month I am going to select a random winner to receive a pair of their Skull Crusher head phones. Who knows maybe I will be contacting you! Their products rock so go check out their site.- The Encinitas Skateparkhas been re-opened for over a month. The skatepark turned out great – killer pool, combi-bowl and the 2003 X-Games Vert Ramp.- I have added some new photographer galleries to the Photo Gallery for George Medina of, Jon Yunker, and Joe Runkle all of which have been great supporters of the site by contributing their photos to the cause. They are just starting to add photos to their galleries. There will be more galleries added in the coming months.- So that it is easier to find embedded skatepark and article galleries, I have added a new Skatepark Photo Gallery / Article Photo Gallerysection to the site- A search engine has been added to the site. You will find the search field at the top of the site. I am still fine tuning the search engine but it is working for the most part. The results will become refined over time.
Rebirth of the Skateparks Trailer
Rebirth of the Skateparks Trailer DVD
– In August, we will have available in our Skateshop a DVD of the Rebirth of the Skateparks trailer along with footage of the Encinitas Skatepark grand opening, and the 2004 Basic Bowl contest. So far we have over 70 hours of current skatepark footage, several hours of vintage skatepark footage from the 70’s and 80’s skateparks, several really cool interviews, and much more. We are stoked on how things are going and the finished product should end up being something special. I will keep you posted on the progress of the film and for when the Trailer DVD is available. For now, be sure to check out the trailer here!
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– We are now accepting Credit Cards and Paypal and until the end of July receive free shipping for orders over $75 by entering the coupon code “goskate” when you check out. If you have not checked out the skateshop please do so as it helps us to support Added a cool new feature to skateshop where you can shop by deck size, wheel size and truck size

– For more updates on what’s up with the skateparks and skateboarding in SoCal be sure to visit our News Section. I usually post updates on a daily basis.

Upcoming Events

– Thursday July 29th – Sunday August 1st: HB Bank of the West Beach Games.

– Thru August 14th: Grant Brittain Photo Exhibition

– Thursday August 5th thru Sunday August 8th: X-Games X at the Staples Center in LA

– Saturday August 7th: Santa Paula Skatepark Grand Opening.

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