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Palm Springs Skatepark Official Grand Opening

Palm Springs Skatepark Official Grand Opening01/17/2004

Yes, the Palm Springs skatepark has been opened for over a month now and many of us have had the opportunity to session what many consider to be the best skatepark that we have in California. However, the city wanted to wait some time to put together the official grand opening of their much beloved skatepark. In the end, it was the right decision seeing that the Palm Springs Skatepark opened the same day, December 13th 2003, which was the same day that the Etnies skateparkin Lake Forest opened and they were putting on probably the biggest skatepark grand opening event in Southern California’s history.Early Saturday morning I packed the car with loads of giveaways for the event and headed off to Palm Springs with my wife and kids not sure what to expect. In my mind, I was very satisfied that I was able to put together a killer group of skaters for the demo considering that the ASR trade show was going on the same weekend and the city had been pumping up the event with radio, newspaper, and television advertising for over a week. When we finally pulled up to the skatepark I was blown away with the spread that the city put together. The local radio station was setup to DJ the event, Kronk Skateboards and Finger Records had killer booths with tons of giveaways to hand out to the masses, and some local restaurant had setup a great spread of food and had setup dozens of tables for the feast they were preparing for the crowd.

When the clock struck 12 O’clock and the event was set to kick off the skatepark was starting to heat up. Dozens of riders that were there for the demo including the Punk Rock Skateboards team, the Kronk Skateboards team, Rex Cook of Conspiracy skateboards, Brad Edwards and the Gravity Skateboards team, and a host of other rippers were ready to go.

To kick off the event, the city was scheduled to have their mayor Ronald Oden give a speech. He went off about how proud he was that his city now has a skatepark that is one of the premiere, if the not the premiere, skatepark in the state of California. Once he finished his speech they unveiled the skateparks sign. Brad Robarge of Punk Rock Skateboards, the king of taking advantage of a great moment for some publicity, gathered his crew of skaters and took advantage of the photo opportunity to be front and center with the Mayor. Way to go Brad very cool stuff.

View Palm Springs Skatepark Dedication Gallery

At this point the crowd was starting to build and the city opened the gates of the skatepark to all of the riders that were participating in the demo along with the masses that were there to witness the mayhem. Yes, the city let the entire crowd into the skatepark so that they could get a close and personal view of the skatepark and the skate demo. This thoroughly amazed me that they let the crowd into the skatepark because earlier in the morning they were attempting to get me to be the pad nanny for the event and had me go around trying to get some of the pros that were not wearing pads to put on their pads. Lets see, let close to a thousand spectators throughout the day hang out inside a skatepark with babies in strollers 3 feet away from the action and they were worried about some professional skateboarders not wearing pads! Where is the logic? Not to bash the city but this did not compute in my mind.

View Palm Springs Skatepark Dedication Gallery

At last the demo was on and the crew of skaters that showed up definitely did not disappoint the crowd. There were dozens of riders ripping the street/reservoir section of the skatepark with Punk Rock Skateboards David Robarge, DeathBox Team Rider Nathan Groff, and Kronk Skateboards team rider Dave Cardoza leading the charge. I will admit that I missed most of the action that was happening in this area of the skatepark as I spent most of my time skating and lurking around the combination bowl and the Nude Bowl

The Nude Bowl was on fire with Etnies team rider Rune Glifberg doing what he was born to do – rip. The crowd was blown away by what he had to deliver and I would have been satisfied just to sit back and watch him skate all day. The kids were in force hounding Rune for autographs. Rune, being the ultimate ambassador for skateboarding, did not turn one kid away who approached him for an autograph or just wanted to share a few words with one of their skate heroes.

View Palm Springs Skatepark Dedication Gallery

Etnies team rider Brian Patch was tearing the entire skatepark apart and I believe he is by far one of the best pool skaters I have ever seen. This guy is truly gifted. Perfect balance always blazing lines that seem impossible. The Brian Patch highlight for me was when he busted a hearty front-side smith grind from the shallow around the hip into the deep-end. Patch did have a beefy tail-bone slam in the combi-bowl when attempting to do an ollie transfer from a lower transition to the half-bowl that has the tile and coping. However, he we was back up in skating about five minutes later just as rad as he was hitting the park earlier. This guy has some nads.

View Palm Springs Skatepark Dedication Gallery

Sector Nine team rider Jake Piasecki was amazing to watch skate the pool. This guy is a purist. Huge airs, grinding the gnarliest grinds I have ever seen, and hanging on where most would bail.

Pat Ngoho was ripping the pool with some stylish runs doing his patented layback reverts, front-side and back-side airs, and some great rockNroll slides.

View Palm Springs Skatepark Dedication Gallery

Other notables included Ben Schroeder (who I missed but I heard ripped), Brad Edwards, Kelly Belmar, Chuck Holtz, Nick Gates, Arab, Billy Green, and Amber Candgilsie. Ultimately, everyone who skated this demo was ripping and having a great time. One skater that I was bummed had to bail out early was Rex Cook of Conspiracy Skateboards. I saw him earlier in the event tearing apart the combination bowl and I heard that he went down with an injury.

As soon as the event ended at 3PM, the city opened the skatepark up for a free session to anyone that wanted to skate and the session raged on until the skatepark closed at 10PM. Hats off to the city of Palm Springs for putting on a great event and for giving us a great skatepark. In the end, the city estimates there were roughly a thousand spectators throughout the day that were entertained by some great skateboarding, the demo went off without a hitch, and the entire event was a success. Special thanks to Etnies, Kronk Skateboards, Punk Rock Skateboards, Finger Records, and everyone involved for making the event a success,

Note: Our video guy Pat Flaherty’s truck broke down on the way out to the event so we did not get any video. If anyone has any video from the event feel free to send it in. Also, thanks to Arab for taking some pics as I was jonesing to skate the entire time.

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Posted on 17 Jan 2004 by Mike Hirsch
San Diego Memorial Skatepark Grand Opening
San Diego Memorial Skatepark Grand Opening


With my car loaded with skate gear, my son Christian, my nephews Trevor and Kyle, and Dana Points finest Chris and Tyler Mumma I headed out to the San Diego Memorial Skateparkofficial grand opening last Thursday afternoon. With all the rumors about how the contractors screwed the Del Mar keyhole replica, we were not expecting much out of this skatepark but we were all amped up anyway to skate some new terrain.Tyler Mumma

Tyler Mumma – Rocking the Volcano

View Photo Gallery

When we rolled up to the skatepark it was obvious that Logan Heights is an area of San Diego that was far from the decadence of La Jolla. Once we made our way to the skatepark the crowd for the event was still growing with people flowing in from all directions. There were dozens of skateboarders including Patrick Melcher, Matt Moffit, Wrex Cook, and others milling around in anticipation of finally getting a chance to ride the skatepark. They would have to wait a while longer until the city was done with your typical skatepark grand opening rituals.

The city had a large mobile stage setup where the Mayor of San Diego Dick Murphy, the Logan Heights Councilman Ralph Inzunza, as well as other city officials gave speeches. The common theme of their speeches was that skateboarding is a sport just like Basketball or Baseball and that skateboarders need a public place to skateboard just like a baseball or basketball player needs a place to play their sports. They were all very happy that they have given something to the community that will be a safe place for kids to go to and enjoy the sport of skateboarding.

Finally, the ribbon was cut and the gates were opened to those skaters participating in the demo and some locals from Logan Heights. Much of the action was first happening at the back of the skatepark in the keyhole with the Tracker Team doing what they do best skate pools. It took awhile for many of the pool veterans to figure out some lines and ultimately rip the pool. I took it for a few rides and was happy to get some grinds in. I have been hoping for a keyhole but definitely not this keyhole.

Wrex Cook

Wrex Cook – The Snake Run

View Photo Gallery

The smooth and kinkless snake run was being terrorized by Wrex Cook and others blasting the hips and skating some wicked lines. The flow of the snakerun runs downhill to smaller transitions so it takes some effort to make it back to the top but with some effort it was doable by most.

At the front of the skatepark there is a really fun mini combination bowl that many of the younger skaters were riding. It is definitely a good design for a beginner to learn how to carve and skate transition. The combination bowl has a 7′ volcano in the middle of it where I saw Wrex Cook hit effortlessly with a backside disaster. For many others who I saw attempt to hit the volcano skating it was not so easy.

The street/reservoir section was packed with street demons hitting the ledges, stairs, and rails. The transitions in the area were being attacked by many of the tranny bros. Once some of the guys discovered that highest transition had pool coping things started to heat up with Benji Galloway, Wrex, and others putting on quite a show blasting airs. Benji Galloway popped a backside disaster (ala Omar Hassan) from a lower transition to the side of the transition that has the pool coping.

Looking back at the day the grand opening was a blast and most were stoked on the skatepark. The coping and ledges were not sliding well throughout the skatepark but over time they will grind and slide better. The keyhole is supposed to be torn down, rebuilt, or maybe just repaired in the coming months. What Academy Skate, the City of San Diego, and everyone else who was involved with making this skatepark a reality have done is given skateboarders another decent place to skate. With so many skatepark disappointments over the past few years they got at least 75% of this skatepark right. It may not be the best skatepark in Southern California but if you live in San Diego you should be stoked on this one. For those that will have to do a road trip for this one, it is worth the trip to check out at least once and decide for yourself if you shall return. If you are a pool skater and the keyhole is fixed and ends up as good as it was suppose to be in the first place you will be very stoked. Time will tell!


Posted on 29 Jan 2004 by Mike Hirsch
04/27/2003 – is Launched will provide you with a thorough Skatepark Directory for all of the Skateboard Parks that are available in Southern California.

  • Detailed information about the Skateboard Park including a skatepark review, directions, event information, additional links to other sites that have information about the Skateboard Park, contact information, and more.
  • Images of the skateboarding action taking place at the skatepark.
  • Photo gallery overviews of the skatepark.
  • A discussion forum to talk about the skatepark.
  • Up to date weather forecast for the city that the Skateboard Park is located.

We will also do our best to provide current information regarding Southern California Skateboad Parks that are currently in the planning, design, and construction stages. We hope that by spreading the news of skateparks that are in the planning stages will help to spur more involvement by SoCal skateboarders into speaking out and getting involved to ensure that the future skateparks that are built are a breed apart from a majority of the sub-par skateparks that have been built in the last few years!

Hopefully, over time this site will form a solid community of skateboarders who are interested in keeping other skateboarders up to date with what is happening in the SoCal Skatepark scene by contributing their input to the site. Feel free to do your part and using one of our contribution options and do what you can. Any help or information will be appreciated by us as well as those visiting the site!

Note: This is not a skateboarding site that is looking to be cool and hip and only cater to a small group of skateboarders! Rather, this is a skateboarding site that caters to all skateboarders young and old and is about keeping the sport vibrant and alive.

Posted on 28 Dec 2003 by Mike Hirsch
Three new parks have been opened over the past month or so including, Poway, Laguna Niguel, and Chino Hills. We have been sessioning at Laguna Niguel over the past weeks and can verify that the Laguna Niguel skatepark is by far the best public skateboard park that Orange County has to offer. The clover bowl takes some time to figure out but in the end there are endless lines to discover. Poway has a really fun snake run that leads into a square bowl and a free flowing reservoir section that has some potential for good times. Chino Hills is a relatively small skatepark that is not really worth going out of your way to skate unless you happen to live nearby or are just curious.Construction of the Etnies Skatepark in Lake Forest should be starting soon. I can see the location of the skatepark from my office and so far the only action that I have seen is some electrical work going on and the construction company’s trailer has been parked in the empty field. We will be tracking the progress of the skatepark for you as soon as construction begins.


Joe Puma – Fontana, San Bernadino
Posted on 28 Dec 2003 by Mike Hirsch
With more and more skateparks opening in SoCal it is a great time to be a skateboarder! The city of San Diego is working with Academy Skateto design a potentially killer skatepark down south. Check out their projects section for more detail.Other Upcoming Skateparks include Rancho Santa Margarita, Cypress, Montclair, Santa Monica, Etnies in Lake Forest, and many more. Over the next few weeks we will have some comprehensive detail regarding all of the upcoming skateparks in SoCal so keep checking back for more!
Check out the CASL and NextCup SoCal Event Schedules for the upcoming summer schedules of Amateur competitions to be held at Skatelab, Irvine-Boomers, the Orange – Vans , the Northrige Skatepark, Bellflower Hollywood Sports, as well as other skateparks.

NOTE: We have been experiencing server issues and will be moving to a new server over the weekend. If you have attempted to access our site and the site could not be found, our apologies.

Posted on 28 Dec 2003 by Mike Hirsch
Growing Pains – has been having some technical difficulties over the past two days due to the site being moved to a new server. Everything should be resolved soon and the site should be functioning normally in a day or so.

Lance Mountain – Clairemont, San Diego


Posted on 28 Dec 2003 by Mike Hirsch
We went to the Gypsy Lounge in Lake Forest to see the new Super 8 film NORTHWEST by the the crew who brought us the film Fruit of the Vine. You can read our review of the film here. Bill Hensley of Skateparkguides sent us a review of the John Maguire Benefit @ Red Sand Bowl that went down on May 10th.

On Saturday June 7th, the Coronado Skatepark will be having a Skate Expo that will include a competition, pro demos, skateboard vendors offering free giveaways, and more.

Also, new images and videos have been added to the Clairemont Skatepark, Laguna Niguel Skatepark, and Skatelab Skatepark galleries.

Our discussion board is lonely :>( GET INVOLVED!

Posted on 28 Dec 2003 by Mike Hirsch

The Mervyn’s Hermosa Beach Bash Soul Bowl Competition will be happening next weekend (June 6th-June 8th). The event will kick off with some practice sessions on Friday, the best trick contest and the Young Guns and Women’s competition on Saturday, and then the Masters and Grand Masters competition on Sunday. To find out more about the event go to the Mervyn’s Beach Bash Official Site.

Two new skateparks have been added to our Skatepark Directory Buena Park and Cypress. Both of these Skateboard Parks are not much to write home about and are quite a dissapointment considering we all hope that the newer skateparks will be better than the ones built before them.

The Buena Park Skatepark is currently open but will be having its Grand Opening on Saturday, June 14th.

The Cypress Skatepark will open later in June and will have it’s Grand Opening on Monday, June 23rd at 3:30.

Also, the new Chula Vista Skatepark is under construction and is looking like it could be one of the better San Diego Skateparks and the Etnies Skatepark is slowly moving along.

Posted on 29 Dec 2003 by Mike Hirsch
Over the past weeks we have been working on getting some new areas of the site developed including:

  • A new area of the site that will be devoted to information on new skateparks that are currently in the planning and construction phases.
  • A new area of the site that will document some of the great skateparks of the past. If you have any images, video, or would like to contribute any information related to any of the skateparks listed on our contribute form your help will be appreciated.

We should have these new areas available in the coming months!

You can check out the results of the Mervyn’s Beach Bash, here. I am bummed that I missed it. It is great to see the likes of Duane Peters, Steve Alba, and Eric Grisham still ripping after all these years.

Also, be sure to check out the new Salbaland website to read about Steve Alba’s history and to find out about what he has been up to.

Steve Alba – Clairemont, San Diego


Posted on 29 Dec 2003 by Mike Hirsch
Hope all you dads out there had a great Father’s Day. I took my son to skating in San Diego and we sessioned at El Cajon and the Kroc Center. Both of these parks were completely empty until we showed up! What’s up with the ghost town skateparks! We had a great time and both of these skateparks are great for kids learning to skate.

We hit Clairemont on the way home and witnessed Chris Miller ripping the pool to shreds. He was there with his two boys who were also doing some shredding of their own. Nice to see Chris still wearing his crown as the king of style.

Christian Hirsch – Pico Rivera, Los Angeles

A friend of mine at work told me a story about a new skatepark that was being proposed in Yorba Linda and that at one of the planning meetings a local skateboarder was asked about what the skatepark will do to help the local skateboarders of Yorba Linda. The skater replied “The skatepark will give us a place to hang out, smoke, and drink some beers!” True Story – what a moron. Good luck locals of Yorba Linda – hang this guy and then get involved to make it happen in your city

A quick plug for a non skate related event . The Mickey Jones CHOC RIDE, a great benefit for the CHOC foundation for children, will be taking place on Sunday, June 22nd. Check it out, it should be a good time and a great chance to support the CHOC foundation.

Adrian Demain – Coronado, San Diego


Posted on 29 Dec 2003 by Mike Hirsch
We have been quite busy lately making changes to the site and working on some new promotions such as our Tracker/Bulldog Giveaway. Thanks to Buddy Carr of Tracker and Wes Humpston of Bulldog Skates for helping us put this together. We have also added a list of potential and definate future skateparks which will be more detailed as time moves on.
Posted on 29 Dec 2003 by Mike Hirsch
Recent updates include a new SoCal Events Calendar that has been added to the site. There are many new skateparks that are currently being planned or are currently under construction. To find out more check out our future skateparks section.This site was created for the purpose of sharing information and discussing what is going on in the SoCal skate scene. With minimal promotion for, we are stoked on the number of skaters that are visiting our site and for our first full month (May 2003) we had over 2000 unique visitors. So far in July we have had over 500 unique visitors as of July 3rd! Our focus is the SoCal skate scene. If you are a skater, photographer, web developer, graphic artist, skateboard historian, or have any other interests related to what this site is about, feel free to get involved and help evolve by contacting us.

Currently, I do all of the development, content management, and site management tasks and Danny Colburn is working on promoting the site and some other projects that we have in the works. Enjoy the site! Your feedback is appreciated.

Steve Alba – Upland, San Bernadino


Posted on 29 Dec 2003 by Mike Hirsch
The Clairemont Skateparkin San Diego will be holding a pool contest this Saturday. It is nice to see that pool competitions are finally making a come back. If you are into competing in the contest or just checking out the scene then head down and check it out! We sessioned Clairmont last night and had a blast skating will many of the San Diego locals including John Tusl, Mimi, Mike and Kenny Stelmasky, Neil Blender, Buddy Carr, and others. Kenny was busting out ElGuerrials, Miller Flips, and Inverts like he was still 14 years old. Cool to run into some old friends from the old days! Kelly Belmar was also there and was ripping the place apart with boardslides around the corners, frontside inverts, and some rad lines.Bill Hensley of Skatepark Guides will be having his Birthday Bash tonight at the San Jacinto Skatepark. From what I understand the session is on him so if you are in the area stop by for the session as it should be a good time.

We made some changes to the SkatePark pages by removing the different sections Park Home, Gallery, and Contribute. To make browsing the skateparks a bit easier ,everything is now consolidated in one big section.

Posted on 29 Dec 2003 by Mike Hirsch

Clairemont, San Diego

The Clairemont Old Man Bowl Jam Contest on Saturday was a blast.
You can check out the event in review here
Posted on 29 Dec 2003 by Mike Hirsch
We have been busy putting together some new giveaways for the visitors of the site and would like to thank eS shoes for stepping up and contributing a killer prize pack for the current GiveAway. We would also like to congratulate Matt Parks who was the winner of the Bulldog/Tracker complete deck! Also, our thanks to Tracker and Bulldogfor helping make the giveaway happen. If you have not checked out their products I recommend that you do because they have some great skate gear that is backed with over 30 years of skateboarding experience!I checked out the new Chlorine Video at the Galaxy last night and would recommend picking up the DVD. It’s a great documentary of backyard pool skating with some great footage of Duane Peters, Lance Mountain, Dave Ruel, and SALBA. A review of the DVD will be posted in the coming days.

Don’t forget the Soul Bowl will be happening this weekend in HB. To find out more about the event visit the World Cup of Skateboarding site.

Posted on 29 Dec 2003 by Mike Hirsch
Del Mar Keyhole - Jason Jesse
If you are into riding skateparks it is great time to be a skateboarder. If you were into riding skateparks in the 70’s and 80s it is a great time to start hitting the skateparks again. Over the next few months at least 3 new skateparks will be opening up: Etnies Skatepark in Lake Forest, the Duarte Skatepark, and the Chula Vista Skatepark. In 2004 many more skateparks will be opening including the Rancho Santa Margarita skatepark and a new skatepark in San Diegowhich will feature a modern Del Mar Skate Ranch keyhole.In other skatepark news, over the next few months the Encinitas YMCA skatepark is going to be re-designed with a new flowing concrete park and a new skatepark style pool with tile and coping. I have also heard some chatter about the city of San Clemente expanding the San Clemente skatepark!

Of course there are skatepark rumours as well including my favorite that Dave Hackett is attempting to dig out the Marina Del Rey Skatepark. I wonder how many of the skateparks that closed in the 70’s and 80’s actually still exist underground?

If you are planning on skating at the Laguna Niguel skatepark this Monday (August 18th) they will be closed all day for maintenance.

Posted on 29 Dec 2003 by Mike Hirsch
Construction will be underway shortly at the new Skatepark in Glendale. Check out the design here. Note the flaws and contact the project manager with your complaints.The San Diego Len Moore Skatepark located in Chula Vista will have it’s grand opening soon. The Len Moore Chula Vista Skatepark is a $1.3 million, 2 acre facility featuring a 25,000 square foot concrete skatepark, fully stocked skateshop, lighted for night skating, shaded bleachers and a snack bar. The park will open in September 2003.

Posted on 29 Dec 2003 by Mike Hirsch
It has been awhile since my last update and that is due to the fact that I have been spending time switching the site over to a new server. That is now behind me and now hopefully I can dedicate the time that I have for this site to adding new content.We just ended our Black Label giveaway and Trevor Coffman of Orange County was the lucky winner. Don’t miss your opportunity to have a chance to win a complete Firm Lance Mountain deck!

I finally made it through some of the pictures and skatepark reviews that have been submitted over the past month. I posted new user reviews for Carlsbad, Poway, Duarte, and Pasadena. Ben Schroeder of LRM Design also sent in some images of the Duarte Skatepark and Buddy Carr of Tracker Trucks sent in some new pictures of the Chula Vista Skatepark.

Speaking of Buddy Carr, he has a killer new model out with Bulldog Skates. It has the perfect pool and skatepark shape and is 9″ wide and 32.5″ long.

Regarding future skateparks, it looks like the Rancho Santa Margarita Skatepark will not go out to bid until late this year and will not be completed until late in 2004. What a pissa! The Etnies Skatepark in Lake Forest is coming along with some concrete starting to be poured. The grand opening will take place during the first part of November. Also, the Glendale Skatepark should be currently under construction, the Baldwin Park Skateboard Park is under construction, a new Skateboard Park near downtown San Diego is currently under construction, and the Washington Street skateboard park is looking killer.

There are many events coming this month and the coming months so be sure to check out our event calendar for the details.

Now you can rate your local skatepark! I have added a feature on the skatepark pages where you can add your rating for a particular skatepark.

The Len Moore Chula Vista Skateboard Park Grand Opening that was suppose to take place on Saturday September 20th has been postponed to Saturday October 4th.

Mr. Freddie Desota(Bob for a Day) and Lance sporting his happy face

Went to the ASR show and to the Black Label premiere of the Duane Peters documentary “Who Cares”. Great footage of Duane! Great party thrown by John Lucero of Black Label. You can get the full lowdown from the Teamgoon site my hands are getting tired.

Posted on 29 Dec 2003 by Mike Hirsch
I finally got around to posting information about the Yucaipa skateboard park and new photo galleries for the Rancho Cucamonga and Palm Desert Skateparks. Nothing special about these skateparks but to be thorough the information is there for you to digest. Also, Buddy Carr from Tracker sent me the design of his new Bulldog deck. Check it out.

Buddy Carr
Posted on 29 Dec 2003 by Mike Hirsch
I am a Skate Geezer. I Submitted a photo of me skating at Concrete Wave back in 1978 and got myself a Geezer shirt! Very cool site so if you have some old stuff then help them out with some pics.

Check out what is up with the San Pedro Skatepark Coalition. They have a new photographic timeline showing how the skatepark has progressed from November 2002 to September 2003. Very cool! Also, I have updated the Future Skateparks section with some new information that should be of interest. I received an email from Colby of the Site Design Group to clarify what is going on with the design of the Glendale Skatepark. You can read it here. Also, it looks like construction is moving along nicely at the Memorial Skateparkin San Diego.I am stoked to announce that Bones Wheels and Abec 11/Biltin Bearings have joined our current sponsors in supporting They will help us to provide some cool giveaways in the months to come. Also, I would like to mention a cool new website Tailtap where you can purchase Edger products and also subscribe to Concrete Wave Magazine

Posted on 29 Dec 2003 by Mike Hirsch
Thanks to the City of Chula Vista, the Boys and Girls Club, and all of the vendors and staff for putting together a great grand opening at the Len Moore Skatepark in Chula Vista
Len Moore for whom the skatepark is named for.
Plenty of food, freebies, and people for sure were there to check out the new skatepark. Check out our review and details about the Chula Vista Skatepark.

Posted on 03 Jan 2004 by Mike Hirsch
The Etnies Skatepark in Lake Forest is taking shape. Looks like this one could be the best one to date. Check the photos and judge for yourself.
Posted on 03 Jan 2004 by Mike Hirsch
On Saturday me and my good friend Freddie De Sota joined the Concrete Disciples crew for their getting to be monthly Skate Blitz. Total blast skating with the boys and girls of CD Bulletin Board fame. Fontana was a killer session and Upland was incredible. Thanks for the good times.Some site news. I have added a very minimalistic online store. So go check it out. Also, I have finally put together the SoCalSkateParks newsletter subscription service. I should have my first newletter out by the end of this week. Also, congrats to Shane Frykholm who won the complete Firm Deck and goodies. I am currently running a killer DeathBox Giveaway so be sure to sign up.

Posted on 03 Jan 2004 by Mike Hirsch
Just added the new skatepark in Baldwin Parkthat is scheduled to open on November 15th. Also, check out this design by Purkiss Rose for a skatepark located in Madera, California.
Madera Skatepark – Designer Purkiss Rose (yes I said Purkiss Rose)
Looks killer. I have recently spoken to one of the lead skatepark designers at Purkiss and they are definately working on changing their approach to their designs. For the Madera design, Purkiss obtained local input for the design and some of the area locals including Ryan Johnson, Lincoln, and Scooter helped to play a major role in the design effort. Several of the designers who have left us with some of the worst SoCal skateparks have left the company which is good news for the future. This design shows that things are on the upswing at Purkiss. Time will tell!

Posted on 03 Jan 2004 by Mike Hirsch
Today I had the opportunity to attend my first Southern California Skatepark Coalition meeting that took place in Moreno Valley. The coalition consists of interested parties including City Parks & Recreation Reps, Skatepark Builders, Skatepark Designers, the Californa Joint Powers Insurance Authority, and other interested parties including myself. I was stoked to hear first hand from the coalition their interest in making a difference regarding the future of skateparks in Southern California and their acknowledgment of the past mistakes made regarding the designs of many of the skateparks located here. I was also stoked regarding the response that I was given regarding and how they believe that this site can be used as a tool to help get the right people together in the decision making process regarding future skateparks here in SoCal.I was also able to get a feel for the frustration that many of the skatepark designers, skatepark builders, and city officials have regarding the process that is necessary to make a skatepark a reality. There are so many layers in the process and so many decision makers.

In the coming months I will do my best to work for change in the current process by working with the cities to help them find the right people to provide them with the knowledge that it takes to end up with a respectable skatepark. If we approach the process in a professional manner our respect with be earned. I will keep you posted regarding the changes that I will be making to the site that will better help inform you about future skateparks and how you can get involved if you are not already.

Now some site news. Just added the new skatepark in Chino that is scheduled to open on November 9th and the new skatepark in Moreno Valley that is scheduled to open sometime in November – more details to follow. The Chino Skatepark looks to be killer with a lot of flow, a good mix of street and tranny design elements, and a kidney pool with tile and coping. You can check out the progress to date here. Moreno Valley is a very typical SoCal Skatepark. with nothing over 6′ but should be better than nothing for the skaters in the area.
Last Sunday, I finally had the opportunity to hit the Duarte Skatepark. You can read the review here. While in the area I also finally had the opportunity to skate the Arcadia skatepark. What a joke! How a design like this can end up in a finished product is amazing. 8′ trannys with no flow or transitions tall enough and at the correct angle to buid speed to hit em.

Posted on 03 Jan 2004 by Mike Hirsch

Wally The Man

I added the Lake Forest Etnies Skatepark. This is going to be a killer skatepark and this skatepark will most likely take over the number one rank in the SoCalSkateParks Top Ten. I will add more photos when I get a chance to get out there and take some more. Also, to celebrate the opening of the new skatepark, our next giveaway will be an Etnies prize pack.

Posted on 03 Jan 2004 by Mike Hirsch
Palm Springs -Nude Bowl

Thanks to Scott and Stephen from the city of Palm Springs I now have enough info to post the Palm Springs Skatepark. This skatepark is huge 30,000 sq ft and features a replica of the Nude Bowl.
Posted on 03 Jan 2004 by Mike Hirsch
Made some changes to the Skatepark pages by moving the pictures, photo galleries, and videos towards the top of the page. I have received several emails stating that I do not have enough photos of the skateparks. I have on average 10 to 20 pictures per skatepark and I think some users are not use to the way that I have the skatepark photo galleries setup. All of the skatepark overviews are bundled into quicktime slideshows so where it states “View Galley”, just click on that link and the slideshow will begin (as long as you have QuickTime installed).I have also added over 100 hundred products to my online store. Please check it out. I hope to at least generate the funds to support running this site. If you have any questions about the online store feel free to drop me a line.

Posted on 03 Jan 2004 by Mike Hirsch
Added a new feature to the site that will help you navigate multiple skatepark related sites. Our new Skatepark Site Navigator will help you to navigate some of the other SoCal skatepark related sites as well as some others. I will add more sites as time goes on. Enjoy.
Posted on 03 Jan 2004 by Mike Hirsch
Congratulations to Russell Patterson of San Diego for being the winner of the November DeathBox Pineapple giveaway. The current giveaway is being sponsored by Etnies in celebration of their new skateparkthat will have it’s grand opening on Saturday December 13th. Good Luck!Some site news, the server that hosts our skateshop, forum, image gallery, and newsletters has been down all Friday night. Hopefully, the issues will be resolved by Saturday morning.

Posted on 03 Jan 2004 by Mike Hirsch
Stopped by to check out and skate the new Chino Skatepark. Hats off to the City of Chino for giving the skaters in Chino and the rest of us a great new skatepark.

The Chino Rec Department did a great job putting the grand opening together and I would like to personally thank Rachel and Heather for giving us at SoCal Skateparks the VIP treatment! The skatepark is killer and the main complaint was how the coping was set in the clover pool. They are going to reset the coping next week so the pool will be closed until the new coping is set.

Posted on 03 Jan 2004 by Mike Hirsch
Etnies issued a press release regarding the grand opening of their new skatepark in Lake Forest. The event will be huge with plenty of pros on hand and a surprise musical guest. The guys over at Academy Skate sent me some new pictures of the construction progress at the San Diego Memorial Skatepark. I talked to one of the city officials today and it sounds like the skatepark will not be open until January 2004. The Palm Springsskatepark is close to being completed and will be having their grand opening sometime late November or early December. I’ll keep you posted.SoCalSkateParks is going to shooting a video in early December at some of the San Diego skateparks. We are looking for somes amateurs that shred either street or vert to get in on the action. If you are interested just send me an email and I will keep you posted on when and where we will be doing the video shoot.

Posted on 03 Jan 2004 by Mike Hirsch
Jim Gray sent out an update regarding the Costa Mesa Skatepark > Check it Here.
Posted on 03 Jan 2004 by Mike Hirsch
The Etnies skatepark could end up being a free skatepark.
Posted on 03 Jan 2004 by Mike Hirsch
The latest issue of Concrete Wave Magazine(vol 2 #3) is out and features an Interview with Jay Smith, an article on the classic Cherry Hill Skatepark, a great article on Jim Goodrich, and much more. Support and subscribe to this must have magazine here

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Posted on 03 Jan 2004 by Mike Hirsch
The city of Palm Springs was cool enough to let us put together a crew to take their new skatepark for a test ride last Wednesday. I was joined by Buddy Carr, Lance Mountain, Mike Early, John Tuisl, Mike Stelmasky, Mike Early, Peter Culp, Nick Gates and others for the session and in the end we all left wanting more. The skatepark is scheduled to open its gates on Saturday December 13th. You can read my review and see pictures of the skatepark and session here. A special thanks goes to Scott Mikesell for helping me to make this happen and letting us in for a preview.
Scott Mikesell

After the Palm Springs session, many of us had the opportunity to skate the new Etnies skatepark. This skatepark is huge. Everything was skateable but the pool was still not ready to ride since the tile was just set.

Etnies Skull Pool

I only had about 15 minutes to ride the park since the cops ended up showing and kicking everyone out. There were many ripping the place and this skatepark is going to be the primary destination for many in the months to come.

In other news, the city of Palmdale is opening a new skatepark in December. Once I have some more details I will pass them along. The Memorial Skatepark in San Diego is coming along nicely and should be ready sometime in January 2004. To read more about the status, check out Trackers update in their news section.

Buddy Carr – DeFlowering the Memorial Keyhole

The Site Design Group is working on finalizing the Encintas re-design. The likes of Chris Miller and Lance Mountain have contributed to the re-design. I would say that the re-design is in good hands. Also, the Moreno Valley skatepark will be opening it’s gates on Saturday December 6th.

Posted on 04 Jan 2004 by Mike Hirsch
Bob is The Man
Get ready for a huge skate festival that will happen, at a currently top secret LA skatepark, Saturday December 13th. The event should be huge and you will have an opportunity to skate with Bob Burnquist.More details to follow in a special Newsletter. If you have not joined our mailing list, do it now so that you do not miss out on the details regarding this event. Check out the official LA Skate Festival website.

The Palm Springs Skatepark will be definately open its gates on Saturday December 13th!

Posted on 04 Jan 2004 by Mike Hirsch
Added a new skatepark that opened last October in Desert Hot Springs. If anyone out there has skated this park or lives in the area and would like to provide a review and help me fill in the details regarding this one I would appreciate it.Brawley local Mark S sent in a review of the new Brawley Skatepark. Cora Construction may need some voices in their heads in order for them to fix the issues related to the kidney they poured at Brawley. I am sure if we contact them stating rational and logical reasons why they should fix the kidney they will do what is in best interest for them, the city of Brawley, and especially the skateboarders who live in the area. If you want to lend a voice to the skateboarders in Brawley and the rest of SoCal, you can send your comments to Cora here. dnarg gninepo x oifur eht ta gniyalp dnab seinte eht si

Some may know Kevin Rucks. He is a rad skater and a very cool guy. I got to know Kevin a few years back when I lived up in Sacramento. He had a killer skatepark in West Sacramento called Rucks Grand Prix which closed about a year ago. He has since moved to the Central Coast and last month he as well as Jon Yunker and others tore the skatepark apart and sent it off by truck to the Central Coast. Check out the N-Men site to see a time lapse gallery of the enourmous task that they had tearing it down. For those of you who live on the Central Coast look for Kevin to open a new skatepark in 2004.

Posted on 04 Jan 2004 by Mike Hirsch