Retro Roll Out Photos – Oceanside 6/16/18

Retro Roll Out

Retro Roll Out – Oceanside Ca – June 16, 2018

Retro Roll Out. Just a simple idea we had been throwing around for a while to show up at a skatepark with a bunch of old school boards for people to sample and have a fun little session. We loaded up re-issue boards from Dogtown, Santa Cruz, and Powell Peralta and headed down to Alex Road Skatepark in Oceanside, CA. As soon as the boards were out of the van, skaters young and old took them through the park for some heavy shredding!

Josh Rodriguez Retro Roll Out

Josh Rodriguez inverted on a Santa Cruz Claus Grabke Re-issue

Retro Roll Out Oceanside CA

Tony Magnusson Retro Roll Out

T Mag came out and ripped! Frontside ollie on his custom H-Street deck.

Retro Roll Out

Philip Simmons smashing blocks with authority!

Stoked to see so many people out for the Retro Roll Out!

Kevin Burke Retro Roll Out

Kevin Burke made the trek from Riverside to handle the punk wall on a massive Dogtown Bigfoot.

Adrian Demain, Chris Strople, Carter Blitch, Mike Palm Retro Roll Out

Legendary skaters Adrian Demain and Chris Strople. / Legendary punkers Carter Blitch of JFA and Mike Palm of Agent Orange.

Ryan Stewart Retro Roll Out

Ryan Stewart takes the 90’s route with a smith grind on a Blind Jason Lee

Retro Roll Out Oceanside

Forgot this dude’s name, but loved this Blake Johnson Pre-issue setup!

Ace Pelka Retro Roll Out

Ace Pelka blew minds all day! Frontside ollie on a Dogtown Tri-plane re-issue.

Huge thank you to Dogtown Skateboards, Santa Cruz Skateboards, Independent Trucks, Powell Peralta Skateboards, Dickies, and the Oceanside locals for coming out and making the Retro Roll Out a fun day for everyone!

Conner Norris Retro Roll Out

Conner Norris takes a different approach. Nose blunt slide on the Street Creep Re-issue.

HStreet and Kris Markovich Retro Roll Out

H-Street Crew rolled up with Kris Markovich and family!

Jessie Frietze Retro Roll Out

Jessie Frietze flashback frontside grind with ease!

Jonathan Marino Retro Roll Out

Shreddie Mercury feelin’ blue on a Powell Peralta OG Rat Bones.

Charlie Blair Retro Rollo Out

Charlie Blair took this Powell Peralta Per Welinder re-issue to new heights!

SoCal Skateshop is planning to do more Retro Roll Out sessions soon. We had a blast at Oceanside and hope you did too! Where should the next Retro Roll Out be?