Original Skateboards Management Out Of Touch

Original refused our last order to them stating Socal SkateShop does not do enough for the Long Boarding Community. Pretty pathetic. Almost as pathetic as this Mega Ramp Video they posted a few years ago.

What is it with a company like Original who do not recognize the benefit of having their brand in a core skateboard shop like SoCal. I believe it is because they are completely out of touch with reality and full of arrogance.  It was a one way street with them over the past 8 years with only a handful of communications from them to us. I would initiate every order. Not once did they reach out to me to try and understand our shop and what we are about and what we do here at the shop providing what I believe is the best selection of skateboarding gear available.  I do not know why but probably because I believe in not being treated unfairly, I actually plead my case for our shop and my emails were not responded to >> so I would now have to  say F#$% them as they were completely disrespectful to me, my shop and our customers that ride the Original Brand.

In the end,  Original is a niche brand ran by a crew that has lost touch with a shop that was willing to offer their products to a small sub set of their customer base and to those customers I would recommend supporting brands that are 100% about the truth in skateboarding not the lie that what they have is better than the whole of the community.

Mike Hirsch
Socal SkateShop