Caliber Truck Co – La Reunion Part 1: The Place One Never Leaves

Caliber Truck Co. just dropped the first part of their new tour video, La Reunion Part 1: The Place One Never Leaves.

A large part of downhill skateboarding is getting out and exploring new terrain with your friends. Many start with loading up the van and heading out to the closest elevation change in hopes of finding a sick run close to home. The apex of the downhill dream is to jump on an airplane and travel abroad to the most remote spot on earth in search of the sickest roads our planet has to offer. James Kelly’s dream for years has been to travel to a tiny island off of Madagascar named La R√©union, and skate the roads he had only seen from satellite imagery. The Caliber Truck Co. crew decided to send him and Liam Morgan to fulfill that dream, and have Jack Boston film the epic journey in a way that only he could. In Part One the boys begin exploring the island, finally setting foot on the asphalt they’ve been dreaming of.

Film/Edit: Jack Boston