Austyn Gillette Pro for WKND Skateboards

Austyn Gillete WKND van skitch

WKND Skateboards

Like most of us skateboarders out there, we work during the week and we live for the weekend. Thats when we hangout with friends, film, skate, and the WKND (weekend) Skateboards is the epitome of all that. Exhausted of corporate structure and deadlines, The WKND Skateboards entered a new age of skate brand, more relaxed, unpredictable and truly skater owned and operated. In hopes to bring the wackiness back to skateboarding, mastermind behind the brand Grant Yansura has found an outlet to express his creative side by filling his team full of hard working skateboarders that provide the brand with all its witty and wacky content. The skate world has come to know WKND Skateboards very well with their clever nostalgic videos/graphics and their recent publicity stunt involving pro skateboarder Eric Koston. Eric turned pro for this upcoming skateboard brand on a friday and was only pro for a weekend. He decided to part with the brand after a nasty fisheye incident causing a riff in their relationship. Turning over a new leaf, Austyn Gillette has just turned pro for them and its well past the weekend, safe to say he’s here to stay. After his hiatus from leaving Habitat Skateboards, Austyn Gillette has found a home amongst friends and it couldn’t be a more perfect fit! Austyn Gillette now has three new pro model decks that were released with his pro debut.

WKND decks

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