Are Bronson Bearings Good?

Bronson Bearings have only been on the market for a few months, and in that time they have put together one of the heaviest teams around. Check out this Bronson Speed Co. testimonial video and see what people like Ben Raybourn, Aaron Jaws Homoki, David Gravette, Chris Gregson, Ryan Reyes, Josh Borden, and more, have to say about these revolutionary bearings.

Bronson Bearings are available at SoCal Skateshop in two options, the Bronson G3 and the Bronson G2.

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  • Andrew says:

    I bought two sets of G3’s, used them for two weeks and went running back to my Bones Swiss L2’s. They were slower, louder and the spacers they come with are soft aluminum which is useless. Most of their claims are just unsubstantiated gimmicks to sell their product to those who don’t know better. They are by no means the worst bearings I’ve ever tried but not worth the money in my experience. Also, ammassing a bunch of pros doesn’t mean a lot. They’re getting free bearings so they can change them out on a whim and not worry about cost. There’s still no better investment than Bones that I’ve found. Especially since they sell replacement shields, cages and individual bearings if need be. Spend an extra $20 and give yourself a much better ride.

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